Statewide Strategic Framework Submitted to SCDD

LHA is excited to enter a new chapter of engagement with the Statewide Strategic Framework (SSF). On Tuesday, September 18th, LHA Vice President Darin Lounds, CSH Associate Director Steven Shum, LHA Association Administrator Ian Nevarez, and LHA Consultant Patty Evans presented the SSF to the board of directors for the State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD). This report was tentatively approved pending a final week-long review period. 

SCDD thanked LHA and CSH for our success in meeting our objectives and creating a Framework that can be used as a tool for housing agencies, policy makers, service providers, advocates, and consumers to work collectively in addressing the housing needs of people with I/DD. The final document has yet to be released to the public, but it is expected to be available during LHA's Fall Housing Thought Leaders Summit , where a session will be dedicated to exploring its recommendations.
Prop 1 & 2 on the November Ballot Set to Address the Affordable Housing Crisis

Homelessness and access to affordable housing are two of the state's leading challenges. This November, voters will have an opportunity to decide the fate of two propositions that take big steps toward addressing this critical issue in California.  

  • Prop 1 will build and provide affordable housing for veterans, working families, and seniors.
  • Prop 2 will help people suffering from a serious mental illness who are experiencing homelessness. 

Visit www.yesonprops1and2.org to learn more about endorsing these propositions, spreading the word via social media, or making a donation.  
Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors Vote to Take Steps toward Funding Affordable Housing for Individuals with I/DD
On September 11th, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to take the first steps in building affordable housing for individuals with developmental disabilities (DDs), a community that is unique in its housing and service needs. The Board directed staff to identify $40 million in County funds to support the creation of affordable housing units with supportive services specifically for people with DDs in the very low income or extremely low income brackets. A big thank you to LHA's very own Jan Stokley for the instrumental role she played in this vote's passage. Read full press release here.
Sign on and Support Reversal of the Reilley vs. Marin Decision

LHA member organization Housing Choices has recently signed on to an amicus brief for Disability Rights California asking for a review of the Reilley vs. Marin Housing Authority decision. The impact of the decision was to count as income for purposes of the Housing Choice Voucher a parent's income from caring for an adult child with developmental disabilities, even though a regulation excludes payments made for reimbursement of expenses associated with the care of a person with developmental disabilities. Unfortunately, the decision turned on some wordsmithing rather than the underlying intent of the regulation.
Judy Mark, President of Disability Voices United, coordinated the amicus brief. Now the decision is in the position to get a thorough review by the CA Supreme Court. If you are interested in having your organization sign on and support the reversal of the Court of Appeals decision, please contact Judy at   judymark@dvunited.org . A pro bono private law firm will represent organizations that sign on to this amicus brief.  
New Mainstream Housing Voucher Awards Announced

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has announced the award of almost $100 million in Mainstream Housing Choice Vouchers (HCVs) to 285 public housing authorities (PHAs) in 45 states, the District of Columbia, and Guam. California PHAs received 1,626 vouchers alone. As HUD noted in its press release, the availability of 12,000 new vouchers for non-elderly, low-income people with disabilities "helps to further the goals of the Americans with Disabilities Act by helping persons with disabilities live in the most integrated setting." Read press release here.

Additional application rounds will be made available later this year as newly $300 million in HUD's FY 2018 budged for the Mainsteam HCV program remain. View full list of award s here .
DDS Hosts 2nd Meeting on Topic of Multifamily Housing

On September 18, DDS again hosted the Multifamily Housing Stakeholder’s meeting, this time at Westside Regional Center. The room and phone was packed with LHA Members, mainstream housing developers, funders, and regional centers. 

DDS continues to show a strong commitment to providing housing resources, linkages, and ultimately funding to secure and develop housing for members of the I/DD community at large. The next meeting is scheduled for Winter 2019. Minuets from the meeting will appear on the LHA website when they become available. 
- Oct 11 | 2-3:00 PM

Phone Line:
- (712) 775-7031
- Code: 505851#


- Integrated Health and Living Project
- Joshua Tree Group
- Solutions to Poverty

- Kristin Martin, President
[HOPE, Inc]
- Darin Lounds,
Vice President
- Steve von Rajcs,
[California Housing Foundation]
- Yvonne Delgadillo,
[Allied Argenta]
No Place Like Home : Rolling application deadline — no later than February 15, 2021

- On September 27 , LHA Board President Kristin Martin teamed up with new LHA member organization Innovative Housing Opportunities (IHO) to lead a panel on the topic of the Housing Crisis for People with Disabilities at the CDSA Annual Meeting.
LHA is always looking for in-kind support to assist LHA operations, including accounting, marketing & communication, administrative assistance, and event coordination. If you are interested, please contact below.
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