Lap Swim Updates

Welcome back to the Pool!! You are receiving this because you have reserved a spot in the lap pool this coming week.
Here are a few updates .

CHECK IN : All members are required to check in and fill out a brief health survey prior to heading to the pool. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your lap swim reservation to ensure you have enough time to fill out survey and check in at club desk.

SHARING LANES : After receiving the Lap Swim ordinance for Sonoma County and reading through it in detail: MEMBERS OF THE SAME HOUSEHOLD CAN SHARE A LANE. I f you booked multiple lanes for members in your house but can share a lane, we encourage you to do so. If sharing does not work for you, please keep your current reservations

NO TOWEL SERVICE : Please bring your own towel for now. We hope to resume towel service in the near future.

NO CHANGING ROOMS : The locker rooms are currently closed. We have a bathroom available for swimmers and ask members to refrain from using this as a changing room.

30 MINUTE RULE : Some of you have asked to swim longer than 30 minutes. For now, to maximize the number of swimmers we can get into the pool each day, we are limiting reservations to 30 minutes. If no one is waiting you are welcome to stay longer. Please check with pool deck staff member. We hope to open up slots to 45 minutes in the next couple of weeks.

THE FLAMINGO POOL has 5 lane lines set up. No reservations are required (at this time). First come first serve. Please respect the 30 minute time limit if others are waiting. Our youth Tennis/Swim Club will be using the Flamingo Pool from 10:30am - 2pm Monday- Thursday and will reserve 3 lanes for this program. Hours are same as Lap Pool

Have fun, read all the rules at check in and near pool entrance and enjoy the water!