‌ September 2019
Important Dates
Tuesday, September 10
PTG Meeting @ Lapham

Wednesdsay, September 25
Back to School Night 5:00-6:00pm

Friday, October 18
Picture Day

Friday, October 25

Parent Teacher Group (PTG)

Daily Schedule
School Start/End Times:
Mondays: 7:50 a.m. to 1:15pm
(No Early Childhood or 4K classes)

Tuesday-Friday: 7:50 am to 2:47 pm

Welcome Back Lapham Families!!! 
We have just finished our first week of the 2019-2020 school year. It was amazing!! We spent the week learning and practicing our schoolwide expectations. We learned the expectations for the hallway, lunchroom, playground, bathrooms, and classrooms. We will also be learning the bus expectations. We also had our first all school assembly. Our focus is on Being a Learner. Students talked about the Power of Yet and what some attributes of a learner would be. Things like paying attention, focus, participating, following directions, and doing your best work were all traits that students said a learner would display. 

As we move into the school year, I have gotten feedback about the safety and security changes that are starting. This by no means is a way to exclude parents or make you feel unwelcome. Parents are welcome to go to classrooms, but they need to sign in at the office first. We need to be aware and account for everyone in the school. The district safety and security team had come to Lapham last school year and had done an audit. The large number of people in the school that were not identified was concerning. I know because this is a smaller school, people feel that they are familiar, but that is not always the case. Another school in the district had a parent who entered the school with less than good intentions and cause a situation. I also have concerns about student rights. For example, many parents came into the building at 2:15 last year and stood in the hallway. We have students who have struggles and this was then witnessed by parents. This violates students right to confidentiality. 

As the leader of Lapham I am charged with keeping everyone at Lapham safe. I am trying to have a balance between making sure families feel welcome, but also students and staff are safe and secure.

On this note, the district has adopted the Standard Response Protocol. You may have already gotten information about this, and if not, you will be. Kyle Koenig and I will be teaching students how they respond to various events in our schools, including taking Shelter, a Hold, an Evacuation, a Lock Out, and a Lockdown. Before these lessons are taught, you will be receiving an overview of the lessons. When a lesson is taught, you will receive information about the topic and follow up for you and your child. 

I would like to thank all the Lapham families for taking the time to meet with your student’s teacher. It is such a valuable time for students, teachers, and families. I appreciate your time spent with us.

I would like to thank the Lapham PTG. The PTG purchased four classroom rugs for Mrs. Fahl, Mrs. Freng, Ms. Beery, and Mrs. Lindloff. Thanks so much!! I would also liek to thanks the PTG for sponsoring the Ice Cream Social on September 5th. It was so nice to see everyone. I apologize if I didn’t get to talk to you. Thanks also for the Kindergarten Parent Breakfast on the first day of school. It is a wonderful way for parents of kindergarten students to get together and celebrate the start of their child’s school year.

Finally, know that my door is open and if you have questions or concerns, please stop in or call/email me. 

Here is to a fabulous school year!!!


Coming to school in the first month of school can predict good attendance throughout the school year. Half the students who miss 2-4 days in September go on to miss nearly a month of school. 
From the Art Room

Hello Families!
My name is Marnie Miran (My-Rin) and I’m thrilled to be the substitute art teacher here at Lapham in addition to being the art teacher at Marquette. Both my husband, Sean, and I were born and raised in Madison and moved back from the Chicago suburbs 4 years ago to be closer to family. I started my teaching career in Chicago Public Schools teaching “Art from a cart” to Kindergartners- 8th graders 15 years ago. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget although, I am VERY happy to now have 2 actual classrooms! I absolutely love teaching art and seeing student growth through the artistic process. Exploration, individuality, respect and creativity are just some of lessons I hope my students learn in the art room. This year, in addition to bringing all those masterpieces home, we will also be creating online portfolios. This will give you the opportunity to share your artist’s work with friends and family world wide! Look for more information on Artsonia.com soon! When I’m not in the art room, I enjoy spending time with our boys Jackson (10) and Samson (8), playing with our dog Izzy, decorating cakes and taking naps! I look forward to an amazingly artful year!
Lapham-Marquette Parent Teacher Group (PTG)
The PTG is YOU. Whether or not you can commit to an official position, we want to hear your thoughts and ideas. Stay connected with the PTG by following us on Facebook , joining our mailing list or by visiting our website . And be sure to check out our fall events , coming up soon!
MMSD Healthy Classroom Snack List 

The Madison Metropolitan School District’s Healthy Classroom Snack List was developed to help parents and school staff select healthy and nut-free snack options when bringing in snacks for the entire class for events such as birthdays, holidays, rewards, etc. We take great care in making sure all students feel welcomed and safe within the classroom. Certain foods may trigger life threatening allergic reactions.

Suggestions for Healthy Classroom Snack Options
● Water
● Sparkling/carbonated water, no sugar
● Fat-free or low-fat milk
● Fruit smoothies (frozen fruit with yogurt)
● Fresh fruit (trays, salads, or kabobs) ● Fresh vegetables (trays, salads, or kabobs)
● Fat-free or low-fat yogurt (alone or as dips)
● Canned fruit or fruit cups in water or 100% fruit juice
● Dried fruit with no added sugar
● Whole grain crackers
● Rice cakes
● Pretzels
● Low-fat cheese (slices or sticks)
● Small whole grain waffles with fruit on top
● Low-fat or air popped popcorn without butter or salt
● Graham crackers
● Jelly (from 100% fruit) sandwiches on whole wheat bread
● Whole grain bagels or English muffins with cream cheese
● Fat-free or low-fat pudding
● Whole grain cereal bars
● Baked whole grain tortilla chips and salsa
● Baked chips (small portions)

Meet our New Staff
Kristen Richgel - Psychologist
Hello Dolphins! My name is Kristen Richgels and I am excited to be joining Lapham as the School Psychologist! This year I am split between Lapham Elementary and Badger Rock Middle School. I grew up right here in Madison and I am a cheesehead through and through. In my other life I am a figure skating coach and spend many of my early mornings, evenings, and weekends in one of the area ice arenas. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, hiking, camping, hanging out at the terrace, running with my giant black lab, and attending Badger and Brewer games. I am looking forward to a great year with the amazing staff and students at Lapham!

Cyndi Burleson - SEA
Hello Lapham!! I am Cyndi and thrilled to be part of the community! I have two kiddos, a few of you may remember my son, Aubrey (24) and many know my daughter Selu (9) who both passed through this wonderful school. My education was in early childhood and child life. I spent some time at the U-W then took a break and returned to the post-secondary life for 2.5 years at Edgewood College, then life happened. I enjoy walking as much as I can, which really keeps Selu and I close. We live in the neighborhood with my partner, Adam and our fish. Aubrey is still in town and very much a part of our life. I volunteered as much as possible as both my kiddos walked these halls and it has always felt so warm and inviting. I am absolutely honored to finally be a true part of the of the Lapham community!!!

Hayley Fahl - First grade
Hello everyone! My name is Hayley Fahl and I am so excited to join the Lapham family as a First Grade teacher! I previously taught Kindergarten for two years at Mendota Elementary. I grew up in Verona, Wisconsin and have been in Wisconsin my whole life! I love reading, doing yoga, walking my dogs, and going to Badger/Brewer/Packer games. I am so excited for a great year here at Lapham!
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