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...Facet Forward!

Franklin Faceters Frolic 11 - 2018

WHEN? July 26, 27, 28, 29, That's right - 4 days!   ...opens at 10 AM.

WHERE? Well, it's always in Franklin NC but this time it's in the Carpenter Building ((Community Recreational Center) 1288 Georgia Rd. Franklin, NC -- (about 300 yards from the Factory where it's been for several previous years.

Some of the stalls at FFF7

This year FFF has teamed up with the Macon County Gemboree - a well established gem show (for over 20 years) - so there's much to see. 

FFF has lots of space for its displays and for the presentations that make up the program.

FFF11 PROGRAM: Daily lectures and Key demonstrations will include...


... teaches faceting at the William Holland School. For students of his faceting course he has written the book "Faceting 1, Learn The Fine Art of Gem Faceting". Tom will be talking about - and showing - DOPPING AND REDOPPING - fundamental techniques.

On FRIDAY, at 10AM

...Gerry, will "show and tell" on the still-new topic of CONCAVE FACETING AND FANTASY FACETING. For those of you who have thought about giving rein to your imagination and producing unique beautiful stones.

On FRIDAY, at 1PM.

... will talk about the important topic of MAXIMIZING YIELD FROM YOUR FACETING ROUGH. Now, how practical and "real-world" can you get? Roy brings to you knowledge gained from many years of faceting experience - - it will be informative for sure...


The Ultra Tec V5 Faceting Machine

The Ultra Tec V5 Faceting Machine


Usually when we introduce a new representative we tout the many years of experience he or she has. In the case of Steve Sweetman, however, I have to tell you what a short time he's been faceting - he got hisfirst faceting machine in 2015! 

A little more than a year later he wrote to tell us that he had placed SECOND in the 2016 Open Competition of the UK Facet Cutters' Guild, and FIRST in their Regular Competition. 

So, the "story" is not about how long he's been faceting, but how astonishing his success has been - in such a short time! To show that he's no "flash in the pan" in 2017 he again placed SECOND in the UFFCG Open Competition, less than a point below the winner.

Steve is completely self-taught - about faceting? he says "I love it, and it is attainable by all !"

Professionally, Steve is a paleontologist associated with the University of Portsmouth, a farmer, a trout fishery owner, livery stables owner and manager, holiday accommodation provider... but most certainly a passionate faceter.

Steve Sweetman lives on the Isle of Wight - so there's a ferry ride involved if you want to visit him. He says that he would pick you up at the ferry - take you to "the farm" to see the machine, give you a demo and discuss his faceting techniques, and drop you back at the ferry. All in all, an adventure! You could stay a few days - Steve explains that he has a holiday rental home there on the farm and he can offer a package deal involving faceting tuition. 

Now that's an adventure and a half! You can contact Steve at email addresss@mys.uk.com , telephone number +44-7860-499851, and view further details at his website www.bespokegems.uk 


Scott Sucher introduces his famous diamond replicas at TGMS 2017

Scott Sucher introduces his famous diamond replicas at TGMS 2017 -- more details at www.museumdiamonds.com

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