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The Sliding Transfer Fixture.
Order Code: 2141.STF  -- only $612 each (+ applicable taxes) FOB ULTRA TEC.

The Franklin Faceters' Frolic 12 (FFF12) dates this year are July 26, 27 and 28. Hours are Friday and Saturday 9 am to 7 pm, Sun day 10 am to 4 pm.  

Gerry Boykin  (pictured above) will demonstrate cutting on the V5 Classic Faceting Machine and also on the Fantasy Machine...good to observe and learn...and ask questions. Not least - meet Gerry - he's as nice as he is knowledgeable. Tell him "Joe sent me".

Location:  Robert C Carpenter Community Building,  1288 Georgia Road,  Franklin, NC, 28734,   USA.


José Andrés Hurtado is ULTRA TEC's new representative in Malaga, Spain. He has a Gemologist Diploma from the Spanish Gemological Institute - a degree that he gained 25 years ago. He explains that he developed a fondness for minerals at a very young age - when he went into the countryside in Southern Spain, seeking - and finding - mines that yield interesting minerals. He remembers that he was 12 years old when he entered a cave for the first time. After that, excursions to the countryside around Malaga, finding mines, became a frequent and loved activity.
Over time Jos é's love for minerals evolved into an interest in Faceted Stones. Jos é says: " For many years I worked with different faceting machines but I was never satisfied with any of them. But then - finally - I purchased an ULTRA TEC V5
Faceting Machine. Now, I am indeed pleased with my faceting machine. I never imagined that a machine like the V5 existed - I enjoy working with it every day.

"My circle of friends revolves around the world of Faceted Gems, sharing knowledge and experience. My particular passion is faceting Spanish Sphalerites, specifically from Las Mánforas mine, in Cantabría. The achievement of faceting high quality Sphalerites has been a personal challenge and now I feel that I have successfully met that challenge."

See more of José's extraordinary work, and get his contact details at his website,


Tom Ross (a/k/a Dr. Facet) has been teaching faceting in Central Iowa for the past 25 years, through Des Moines Lapidary Society (DMLS).  Since retiring from his law practice, he now also teaches faceting in Florida, just south of Tampa, during the winter, through the Sun City Center Lapidary Club.  

Tom holds a bachelor's degree in education and a Juris Doctor degree in law, but has no formal education in gem cutting, having been introduced to faceting by Dale Nicholls, Charter Member of DMLS.  For the most part, Tom has been self-taught through much reading, learning from teaching others, and talking to many faceting greats throughout the U.S.  

Tom has taught faceting on many brands of faceting machines, both mast-types and hand-piece types, but his experience with a student who brought an ULTRA TEC to class led to his becoming an ULTRA TEC enthusiast and now, a representative.  Tom says, "I just love the ultimate precision control built into my ULTRA TEC machines."  We welcome Tom to our family of ULTRA TEC Representatives.

Tel: 1 515 284 5834
DMLS -- http://dmlapidary.org/


When Zdenek Hanzl , an Ultra Tec faceting friend in the Czech Republic, said he was interested in cutting large stones, he wasn't kidding . How about 1712.4 cts !! Citrine.

Here's a picture of Zdenek - with a small bit of Gem rough


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Scott Sucher Featured on JTV

Stump the Gemologist (Unboxing Edition) --- with Scott Sucher
 'Stump the Gemologist' (Unboxing Edition) --- with Scott Sucher

The Ultra Tec V5 Faceting Machine

The Ultra Tec V5 Faceting Machine

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