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Tucson 2019 - It's a Wrap!

We had a great show at TGMS last month. Thanks to all of you who visited our booth!

Thanks to everyone for the comments, likes and submissions to our Facebook and related social pages. 

If you haven't visited yet, please do... there are wonderful gems and cutting tips.... cut by a thriving community of many talented and wonderful people!
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...Facet Forward!

Notes from Tucson

Scott Sucher stands next to the ULTRA TEC Glass Tec Faceting Machine 

Stump the Gemologist (Unboxing Edition) --- with Scott Sucher
JTV - Stump the Gemologist (Unboxing Edition) --- with Scott Sucher


If you're thinking about faceting - and you live within driving distance of Houston, Texas, you can visit, and perhaps decide to join the Houston Gem and Mineral Society - the HGMS.

The HGMS has a number of special interest "SECTIONS" - one of which is "Gemstones and Faceting", which, as you see in the photo, meets in a well equipped classroom.

The Section Chair is Randy Carlson.  Full Details of the Society is on  their webpage 

You would be welcomed at their meeting if you have an interest in gemstones, and perhaps would like to try faceting, or if you are already an active cutter and want to improve your skills or share your knowledge.

Gemstones and Faceting meets monthly on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, beginning at 6:30 p.m.


Nadine (12) cutting her first stone
It's well known that faceting takes concentration and patience - an appreciation of beauty and a love of accomplishment - very adult things. 

So, faceting ain't for kids. But, for every rule, there are exceptions - and, in Kennewick, Washington, ULTRA TEC Rep Mike Zinski is a believer in exceptions - he teaches faceting to kids - with great success - and they love it.

Mike Zinski was an ULTRA TEC  faceter 50 years ago!,  when he was a young supervisor for Crystalite lap manufacturing.  

Today, in retirement, he teaches faceting, associated with the  Lakeside Gem & Mineral Club in Kennewick.  Washington.
Mike teaches faceting to "Kids of all ages" too, of course.  If you are interested, you can reach him at telephone number 509 783 9337 - his email address is   [email protected]

Another young 12 year-old faceter who attends Mike's classes, is Hannah, shown here, beaming as she displays her first stone.. 


ULTRA TEC's new rep - GEM STEADY -  is located in Richmond, California , right near San Francisco. GEM STEADY , in its workshop, offers classes for creation of heirloom quality jewelry - teaching all sorts of jewelry-making techniques - to which gem faceting has now been added.

Brittany and Robert Stadtmiller have been creating hand fabricated jewelry since 2012. They enjoy being hands-on with every aspect of jewelry making, and are excited about having added Gem faceting to classes they offer.

I nterested? You can get in touch with Brittany at  +1859 609 1083. You would really whet your interest by checking out their website, .

Brittany Cole-Stadtmiller'First Gemstone!
Brittany Cole-Stadtmiller's  First Gemstone!

The faceting teacher at Gem Steady is John LeBourgeois.  John, personable and good natured - as you can see - is an expert teacher.  Gem Steady offers a two-day seminar, with John as teacher, that quickly readies the student to move forward, faceting independently.

The Ultra Tec V5 Faceting Machine

The Ultra Tec V5 Faceting Machine

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