December 2022 Public Safety Newsletter


This is the next installment of Larchmont's monthly Public Safety Newsletter! Every month, pertinent information from the Larchmont Police and Fire Departments will be curated for the residents of our amazing village. Safety tips, events, and other highlights will be displayed. If you require any additional information you may call the Larchmont Police Station at 914-834-1000 or the Larchmont Fire Station at 914-834-0016. 

In the case of an Emergency please call 911

Larchmont Police Department

Active Threat Integrated Response

In October of 2022, several members of the Larchmont Police Department attended the Active Threat Integrated Response Course at the New York State Preparedness Training Center in Oriskany, NY. This course provides training to members of Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS on how to integrate their responses during an active shooter incident. The course provided the members with critical medical skills based on tactical emergency casualty care.

Safety Checkpoint

On Thanksgiving Eve, the Larchmont Police Department conducted a Safety Checkpoint in an effort to deter Driving While Intoxicated. This checkpoint was designed to strictly enforce traffic laws and ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

Porch Pirates

  • Take the following measures if possible to prevent package theft:
  • Request a signature on delivery.
  • Ship the package to a trusted neighbor or relative who will be home.
  • Arrange to have packages delivered to your workplace – if permissible.
  • Track your delivery online so you know when they're slated to arrive and plan to be home when the package is delivered.
  • There are some commercial establishments that may accept packages for you as well- Confirm whether CVS and Mailbox, Etc still offer this service…
  • We encourage everyone to install surveillance cameras. Not only do they help in solving crimes, they are a strong deterrent.

Holiday Valuables

The holiday season is upon us and we want to remind everyone to make sure their vehicles are always locked and all valuables are removed overnight. Especially during this time of year, criminals often check vehicles for shopping bags or boxes and leaving vehicles unlocked increases the opportunities for larcenies to occur. We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!

Larchmont Fire Department

Fire Safety Classes

» During the month of November, two of our Firefighters who are cross trained in Fire and Life Safety Education, taught dozens of students from the community. These specialized individuals craft safety messages that specifically relate to each age group they encounter. If you have a Larchmont community group and would like a fire and life safety class, please contact the firehouse at 914-834-0016 Ext. 5

Pictured above: Career Firefighter's James Montemarano and John Pilla

Family Holiday Safety

In addition to keeping your pets safe this Holiday Season please remember the following:

  • Christmas tree fires are some of the deadliest home fires that fire fighters and paramedics respond to. If you bring a live tree into your house, make sure to water it every day and do not leave the lights on when you are out of the house or asleep.
  • The holidays are often a flurry of activities and a lot of it revolves around cooking. Cooking accidents and home fires due to cooking equipment are most likely to happen during this time. Keep your home and your loved ones safe this holiday season.
  • Every year, candles cause more than 10,000 home fires. We recommend switching to LED candles to be safe.

Child Car Seat Inspections

The Larchmont Police Department is once again performing child car seat installations and inspections!

If you would like to have one performed, please email [email protected] with your contact information and an officer will be in communication with you!

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