October 2022 Public Safety Newsletter


This is the next installment of Larchmont's monthly Public Safety Newsletter! Every month, pertinent information from the Larchmont Police and Fire Departments will be curated for the residents of our amazing village. Safety tips, events, and other highlights will be displayed. If you require any additional information you may call the Larchmont Police Station at 914-834-1000 or the Larchmont Fire Station at 914-834-0016. 

In the case of an Emergency please call 911

Larchmont Police Department

"Operation Thundercat"

The Larchmont Police Department participated in "Operation Thundercat" a 27-agency task force operation targeting catalytic converter thieves.

The efforts resulted in the identification of several vehicles operating with improper license plates and the apprehension of several burglary suspects.  

'Operation Thundercat' Snares Fleeing Suspects After CT To NY Chase

Police Pursuit

A police pursuit of robbery suspects originating in Greenburgh ultimately found its conclusion in Larchmont Manor. Larchmont Police Department officers actively took part in the apprehension of several suspects who fled on foot. 

2 Suspects In Custody, 2 Remain At Large: Larchmont Police

The members of the Larchmont Police Department urge all residents to lock their homes and vehicles at all times! Incidents like the ones listed above do not happen often in our community, but they do happen. 

Larchmont Fire Department

Fire Prevention Week!

» Create and Practice a Fire Escape Plan

In the event of a fire, remember that every second counts. Escape plans help you get out of your home quickly. Twice each year, practice your home fire escape plan. Some tips to consider when preparing this plan include:

  • Find two ways to get out of each room in the event the primary way is blocked by fire or smoke.
  • A secondary route might be a window onto a neighboring roof or a collapsible ladder for escape from upper story windows.
  • Make sure that windows are not stuck, screens can be taken out quickly and that security bars can be properly opened.
  • Practice feeling your way out of the house in the dark or with your eyes closed.
  • Teach children not to hide from firefighters.

If you are in search for a fire safety presentation for your Larchmont organization, please contact the firehouse to schedule! Our business line is 914-834-0016 Ext 5. 

Happy Retirement Lieutenant Anthony Martyn!

After serving the Village of Larchmont for 32 years, Lieutenant Martyn has retired! Congratulations on your milestone and have a safe and fulfilling retirement!

Child Car Seat Inspections

The Larchmont Police Department is once again performing child car seat installations and inspections!

If you would like to have one performed, please email [email protected] with your contact information and an officer will be in communication with you!

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