January 2023 Public Safety Newsletter

Happy New Year!

This is the next installment of Larchmont's monthly Public Safety Newsletter! Every month, pertinent information from the Larchmont Police and Fire Departments will be curated for the residents of our amazing village. Safety tips, events, and other highlights will be displayed. If you require any additional information you may call the Larchmont Police Station at 914-834-1000 or the Larchmont Fire Station at 914-834-0016. 

In the case of an Emergency please call 911

Larchmont Fire Department

Fall Protection of Workers

» All residents should be aware of what is required when you hire a contractor to work on your property. Please note that OSHA is responsible for residential construction including the use of ladders and the practice of working on a sloped roof. OSHA Safety and Health Topics/ Fall Protection/ Construction Standards and Recourses/ Subpart M 1926.501 Duty to have Fall Protection and 1926.1051 and 1053 Ladders outline all requirements for contractors working from a height more than 6 feet and/or on a ladder. For more information please CLICK HERE or call Chief Caparelli at 914-834-0016 Extension 2.

Winter Safety Tips

Snow Removal

  • When removing snow and ice from driveways and sidewalks, stay clear of electric and natural gas meters to avoid damaging them, inadvertently disrupting service or putting yourself in danger. Snow and ice can damage electric and natural gas meters, natural gas pipes and natural gas regulators, so never bury any of this equipment when shoveling, using a snowblower or plowing.
  • When removing snow or ice from a roof, never let it fall on electric or natural gas meters or related equipment.
  • Clear dryer vents of snow. If blocked it can cause fires. Furnace vents should also be cleared to prevent carbon monoxide backing up.
  • Natural gas appliance chimneys and vents should be kept free of snow and ice to prevent the build-up of potentially-deadly carbon monoxide.
  • Be prepared if you smell natural gas. If you smell that distinctive sulfur-like odor – like the smell of rotten eggs – get up, get out and call 911 immediately from a cell phone or neighbor’s phone.

Child Car Seat Inspections

The Larchmont Police Department is once again performing child car seat installations and inspections!

If you would like to have one performed, please email [email protected] with your contact information and an officer will be in communication with you!

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