November 2023 Public Safety Newsletter


This is the next installment of Larchmont's monthly Public Safety Newsletter! Every month, pertinent information from the Larchmont Police, Fire, and Code Enforcement Departments will be curated for the residents of our amazing village. Safety tips, events, and other highlights will be displayed. If you require any additional information you may call the Larchmont Police Station at 914-834-1000 or the Larchmont Fire Station at 914-834-0016. 

In the case of an Emergency please call 911

Larchmont Police Department

Installing In-Home Safes


When considering a home safe it is important to consider where it will be installed so that the proper safe is purchased. A safe should be placed in a location that is hidden from plain view.


There are different types of home safes but the top three are:


  •  In-wall safe: A safe that is placed inside the wall which is flush to the wall.
  •  On-wall safe: A safe that is bolted and hung on a wall.
  •  Floor safe: A safe that is bolted to the floor.
  •  Underfloor safe: A safe that is typically buried in concrete in a basement or installed under an existing floor.

We also urge residents re-familiarize themselves with community announcement from March in regard. (seen below)

Larchmont Fire Department

Fire Prevention Recap

October is host to our annual Fire Prevention week. This year there were 770 students educated by Larchmont Firefighters and our in-house Fire and Life Safety Educators. Ages of the groups ranged from Pre-School to 5th Grade covering several safety topics. As always, our Firefighters are committed to Fire Safety not just during Fire Prevention Week, but all year round. We have several upcoming educational events scheduled for the remainder of month and year.

Year to date for 2023 our Fire and Life Safety Educators have provided formal education to 1,230 students. This number includes classes and events only and does not include our many daily interactions with the public.

Fire Safety Presentations

If you are interested in having a presentation for your group, organization, or school here in the Village of Larchmont, call Lieutenant Boettcher at 914-834-0015 Ext 5 or email [email protected]

Emergency Go-Bag!

An emergency can happen at any time. Have a readily accessible go bag is paramount for preparedness. Consider having the following items: Water, non-perishable food, cell phone charger, NOAA radio, flashlight with batteries, first aid kit, whistle, dust mask, moist towelettes, garbage bags, and local area maps. In addition there may be additional items listed below that would be beneficial to you and your family:


Next Month's Feature

December we will highlight the important items to keep you and your family safe during the holidays!

Village of Larchmont Codes Bureau

Information on Fire Escape Requirements

If you have a fire escape in the Village of Larchmont this applies to you!



Referenced codes below can be found in the 2020 New York State Fire Code 


1104.16.5 – Materials and strength. Components of fire escape stairways shall be constructed of noncombustible materials. Fire escape stairways and balconies shall support the dead load plus a live load of not less than 100 pounds per square foot. Fire escape stairways and balconies shall be provided with a top and intermediate handrail on each side.


1104.16.5.1 – Examination. Fire escape stairways and balconies shall be examined for structural adequacy and safety in accordance with section 1104.16.5 by a registered design professional every 5 years. An inspection report shall be submitted to the fire code official after such examination.


1104.16.7 – Maintenance. Fire escape stairways shall be kept clear and unobstructed at all times and shall be maintained in good working order.



Please submit all reports to [email protected]              


All questions can be submitted to [email protected]

Above: Lieutenant Boettcher

Spotlight on your Emergency Services Personnel

Every month, we will be featuring one member from our Police and Fire Departments to help our residents get to know us better. Next up is Lieutenant Charlie Boettcher from the Larchmont Fire Department!

Charlie is a proud 3rd generation Westchester County Firefighter. Born and raised in Dutchess County, NY, he started his fire department journey there in 2006, before attending college in Maine. In college, he earned his degree in Fire Science while also working part time in Emergency Preparedness at Maine Medical Center. Charlie was hired full time in 2012 with the Fairview Fire District in Poughkeepsie, NY. There, Charlie worked as a full-time Firefighter/EMT and served as a Fire & Life Safety Educator. Charlie moved to Larchmont and started working as a Firefighter for the Larchmont Fire Department in 2015. He was then promoted to Lieutenant in 2021. Charlie’s passion at work is teaching the public and keeping others safe from fires and emergencies. When he is not helping others, you can find Charlie enjoying the famous Larchmont Tavern wings, ribs at Sherwood’s, or having the chips & salsa at Tequila Sunrise or Rio Bravo. While Charlie is from Dutchess County, he considers Larchmont now to be his home. He got engaged at Manor Park, and later married his wife Alexandra at St. Augustine’s Church. Larchmont is a great place to live and work, and Charlie remains grateful for the support the neighborhood and community have for the Firefighters and department.

Want to know more about our Police and Fire Departments? In the coming weeks, our Village website will be updated with the latest information. In addition, if you are on social media, you can check out the Official Larchmont Fire Department Facebook here.

Child Car Seat Inspections

The Car Seat Inspection program has been temporarily paused. We will let you know when this service becomes available once again!

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