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8,500 Gallon Tank, manufactured by A&B Process Systems, 304 stainless steel construction. Measures 10' diameter x 14'8" straight side. Dome top with 6" sloped bottom, 4" diameter side bottom outlet. Complete with top entering agitation, with 2-1/2" diameter shaft x 14'8" long and (2) sets of paddle blades, with 24" diameter swing. Agitator is driven by 2 HP, 1660 RPM, 60 Hz, 208/230/460V motor thru gearbox, ratio 37.77: 1, final output 44 RPM. Includes top 18" diameter and 34" diameter bottom manways, (2) top ports, (2) 4", (1) 4" top side, (1) 4" bottom side, (2) bottom side discharges (1) 4", (1) 2-1/2", Serial number 000810760601A; new in 2008.

5,215 Gallon Tank, stainless steel construction, measures approximately 102" diameter x 145" straight side. Vertical orientation with cone top and flat bottom, 3" diameter side bottom discharge, 3" bottom side inlet and bottom side manway with clamped cover; includes UV air filter with lights. No nameplate on unit, very good condition.

18,000 Gallon Tank, 316 stainless steel, manufactured by Precision Stainless, agitated, cone bottom, 150" diameter x 214" straight side, steep cone bottom with dish top, tank is fully insulated. Complete with center top agitation, driven by approx. 7.5 HP motor, leading to stainless steel shaft with (2) 4-blade pitched turbine blades on bottom and center of shaft.

6,000 Gallon Tank, 316L stainless steel, agitated, UL 142 rated. Measures 7-1/2' diameter X 18' straight side, cone top, flat bottom. Complete with Sharpe Mixers top entering agitation, driven by ½ HP gear drive. Tank is insulated with 2" cal. magnesium silicate with aluminum cladding. Rated for <15 PSI design pressure, -10" WG design vacuum, 175 degrees Fahrenheit, -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Includes 24" diameter flanged side bottom manway, 2" diameter side bottom outlet and 2" drain. Top openings - 6" center top opening for agitator, 8" vent and various 1" to 3" inlets. Previously used as Glycerin storage tank at biodiesel facility.

5,000 Gallon Tank, manufactured by Santa Rosa Stainless, agitated, measures 8-1/2' diameter X 12' straight side, cone top with sloped bottom, 2" diameter side bottom outlet. Complete with MixMor model HGV-2 side entering agitator, serial# 36621-2, includes 1-1/2" diameter stainless steel shaft with 3-blade prop, 12" diameter swing, driven by 2 HP motor. Top head includes 2" diameter center top opening and 10" diameter opening with hinged cover. Also includes side bottom 20" x 16" oval manway with cover. Last used in rice wine operation.