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SE8 System Enclosures Break the Mold. Literally.

Unlike unibody enclosures that offer little flexibility , the SE 8 enclosure is a closed body enclosure on the roof and sides with the ability to remove the rear wall and front door to easily install electrical components. No more having to work within the tight constraints of a traditional unibody enclosure. The SE 8 makes control panel installation easy and efficient.

Modular VS Non-Modular Enclosures

You can save time and money with the Rittal TS 8 Freestanding Modular Enclosure. This concept forms the basis for the bayed enclosure system TS 8, where the 16-fold profile of the vertical sections has set completely new standards in respect to interior configuration. The TS 8 delivers efficiency, flexibility, quality and safety. 

Do you need Industrial Climate Control at Your Job Site?

You can count on Rittal's climate control products to provide effective, energy efficient cooling and heating to meet the unique needs of your application. We feature  a full line of filter fans, air conditioners with CFC Free Cooling and heat exchangers. Rittal has the solutions to keep your equipment operating at peak levels.

AA Electric Maintains a Large Stock of Rittal Products

Special Enclosures, Wall Mounts, Keys, Brackets, Back Plates and  Filter Fans   are all kept in stock at our warehouse. Rittal is Faster, Better and distributes Worldwide. Speak with one of our sales reps today for competitive pricing!  

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