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Featured Speakers and Program Schedule Set

Register soon before rates go up and to get your first choice of field trips and workshops!

The co-hosts of the Large Wildland Fires Conference, Association for Fire Ecology and International Association of Wildland Fire, are pleased to announce the Featured Speakers and Detailed Program Schedule.

The program includes 4 plenary sessions, 13 special sessions, 114 oral presentations, 100+ poster presentations and multiple micro-talks. In addition to the fully packed program we are offering many extra activities such as Training Workshops, Field Trips, Art Exhibition, Awards Banquet, Film Festival and much more.

Visit the conference webpage for more details and to register for the event.


March 21: Last day to submit TREE travel requests.
April 11: Deadline for presenters to register to guarantee their spot in the program 

April 11: Last day for Attached Meetings Proposals

April 18: Last day for regular registration rates

May 1:  Last day to submit artwork for the exhibit

Conference Features

3 Plenary Presentations
7 Concurrent Sessions
Panel Presentation
Poster Presentations
Art Exhibit, Competition, Auction and Fundraiser
Big Fires on the Big
Screen Film Festival
Awards Banquet
Student Poster Awards
Conference Mobile App
Multiple Attached Meetings
Student/Mentor Lunch
IAWF & AFE Membership Meetings
And much more!

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Featured Speakers:
Jerry T. Williams, retired National Director of Fire & Aviation Management, USFS, Montana, USA
Rick Lanoville, retired, Forest Fire Management Services, Dept of Renewable Resources, NT, Canada
Alan Goodwin, Chief Fire Officer, Dept of Environment and Primary Industries, Victoria, Australia
Michael Kodas, Photojournalist, Author and Videographer, Colorado, USA
Stephen Pyne, Arizona State University, Arizona, USA
Dan Bailey, International Code Council™, Washington, DC, USA
Penny Morgan, Wildland Fire Program Professor, University of Idaho, Idaho, USA
Matthew Thompson, Research Forester, USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station, Montana, USA

Field Trips
We are offering 2 days of field trips.  You must be registered to sign up, and they are available on a first come basis, so register soon to get a spot on the bus to your field trip of choice.  Contact Catia Juliana at for field trip registration questions.

Wednesday, May 21
  • Restoration fuel treatments in old growth larch and ponderosa pine
  • Blue Mountain
  • Fire Lab
  • Missoula Technical Development Center/Nat'l Weather Service/Smokejumper Center
  • Missoula City Tour
Friday, May 23
  • 40 Years of Wilderness Fire in the Selway-Bitterroot
  • The Fires of 2000: Revisiting Social, Political, and Ecological Issues
  • Fuels reduction and restoration in mixed conifer forests of the south-western Crown of the Continent: Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program site visits and discussions

Join us for a full day of complimentary Training Workshops! Seating is limited and workshops will close as they fill up, so register soon.  Contact Catia Juliana at  for workshop registration questions.
  • Introduction to the BehavePlus Fire Model-ing System
  • Using the BehavePlus fire modeling system in Prescribed Fire Planning
  • Practical Tools for Assessing Potential Crown Fire Behavior and Canopy Fuel Characteristics
  • Climate Downscaling for Fire Management
  • Overview and Demonstration of the FFI, Ecological Monitoring Application
  • Advanced Fire Behavior Analysis, Through Lessons Learned
  • Missoula Fire Sciences Lab: FireWorks, First Order Fire Effects Model and FuelCalc
  • Journalism Skills for Scientists
  • Introduction to the Creating Hybrid Struc-ture from LANDFIRE/Lidar Combinations (CHISLIC) Tool
  • LiDAR Data Processing for Fuel Applications
  • RT-130 Annual Fire Line Safety Refresher
  • Crafting solutions for management of large wildland fires and fuel reduction across tribal and nontribal jurisdictions
  • Defining Fuel Treatment Success: Work-flows, Metrics and Evaluation
  • Microscale wind simulations using Wind-Ninja
  • Introduction to the Interagency Fuels Treat-ment Decision Support System (IFTDSS)

NOTE: All authors have been notified! If you submitted an abstract and have not
heard from us please contact Mikel Robinson 406-531-8264 or email.