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Kissed By The Sun Self Tanner
Pea & Pearl Hair Serum

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Promotional Gift Certificates cannot be used on Custom Products

Thank you for understanding :) 

We are removing Optiphen (preservative) from almost all of our products.
We will update our customers as this is accomplished, in future newsletters.

Takrai Lemongrass Cleanser is now preserved with:
     a blend of:
  1. Leucidal SF (LactobacillusFerment)
2. AMTicide Coconut  (Lactobacillus (and) Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Extract)

   - paraben free, broad spectrum preservatives
Also, this cleanser has the Peg-7 replaced with Cromollient. This is a great product and
beloved by many customers. The new texture is a bit silkier (for lack of a better term).

Replacing PEG-7 with Cromollient (why?) 
  We have had feedback over the years that the PEG-7 is too harsh on skin. We are
replacing some products that contain the PEG-7 with Cromollient.
You can still custom order the PEG-7 if you really love it that way, just drop us an email :) 

Naturally delicious, our Majik Fruity Exfoliating Mask clears away dead skin cells without compromising the integrity of the epidermis. Strawberries are hydrating and moisturizing, while pineapple is a great natural exfoliant. This mask is very healing, and will leave skin smooth and clear after it is washed away.
NEW Larger Sizes of Many  
Customer's Favorite Products
(many more to come!)
We have just added 4 oz sizes of our ever
popular Light 'n Bright Serums
(available in original and Amped Up Versions)

                Clearance Items!

We are discontinuing our current version of the
Oh No What Did I Do to My Skin Serum.
Replacement to come in the next following weeks,
but in the mean time get this amazing serum on discount.
It can still be made custom, so if you try the sample size you can still get it made full size too.

Current Finished Product Sample

The current simple being included with orders (unless you pick one from our Sample Program) With the seasonal change coming upon us, our Thermal UVA Skin Protectant Serum is designed to help protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays. For those that already have damage, this is designed to help repair the damage and rejuvenate skin.

While Supplies Last!

GoW Thermal UVA Skin Protectant Serum

Discounts for Your Feedback!
Sample Program (or any product you wish) Feedback

Thank you for those that sent us feedback last week!  
We are still looking for feedback on our most recent finished
products from our sample program!
Please feel free to be as detailed as possible!
Earn up to 15% off your next order
  (5% each for the first three feedback entries)

For each product please answer if you have tried it, and if so,
what your thoughts are on it. Anything you would change?

Please Submit your Individual Feedback here 

Shipping Charges

We're having some issues with customers picking the 1 cent shipping option, which is ONLY for when you already have a current processing order, and are asking us to combine your orders. (hence not adding a 2nd shipping charge)

This means that the customer has already paid shipping, and wants to put the orders together in one shipment.

What is happening instead though is somehow when customers are checking out they are picking the 1 cent shipping option by default not realizing it isn't a valid option for their order.

Unfortunately this creates an added workload of having to contact customers every day to find out their shipping preference then charge them for the shipping. The time to do this really adds to our already busy day.

We really want to keep offering the combine shipping option, but if this keeps happening we will have to reconsider.

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