Rewarding and Punishing Appropriately
Dear Fellow Asian Ams:

        After about 6 hours of discussion and debate, 80-20's Endorsement
Convention (EC) came to the following conclusion: Endorse Hillary with
reservation.  See Press Release.   We wished we could advance our goal of equal opportunity  more during this presidential election cycle.  Nevertheless, Sec. Clinton's reply to our questionnaire, and this judicious decision by the EC to reward and punish politicians appropriately  shall help.  Please forward  this endorsement far and wide among your  friends and relatives.  Thank you.

S.B. Woo
President, 80-20 PAC, Inc.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (October 30, 2016) 
Contact Person: S. B. Woo, (302)-366-0259 

80-20 PAC, the largest Asian American Political Action Committee, announced today its endorsement, with reservation, of Secretary Hillary Clinton for President. The unanimous decision was reached at an Endorsement Convention of elected delegates representing the membership of the 80-20 organization. Delegate positions are equally apportioned between Republicans, Independents, and Democrats. Each affiliation controls one-third of the available delegate slots. The initial vote was 19 for endorsing Clinton with reservation and 6 for other choices.  At the end, the majority view received unanimous support from all delegates. 
80-20 endorses Sec. Clinton as the better choice of the two main candidates for President for her overall stance on minority rights and the overall better record of service of the Democratic Party to Asian Americans over the last four years in comparison to the Republican record.  The endorsement is made 'with reservation' because of Sec Clinton's lack of recognition of the unique concerns of Asian Americans including the unequal higher standards in college admissions currently in place for Asian Americans. .... Mr. Trump did not respond to 80-20's questionnaire.
"We don't like that Sec Clinton doesn't think we are important enough to her campaign for her to talk to us," said Dr. S.B. Woo, former Lt Gov of Delaware and the founding president of 80-20PAC. Addressing Clinton directly, Woo said, "You need to re-evaluate your prioritites. We will not accept benign neglect."

The "endorse with reservations" recommendation means that 80-20 leaves it to its members who already hold a strong preference for one candidate or the other to continue that support. 80-20 will not be putting out its full effort to flip votes as they would do for a candidate who did show strong support for Asian American concerns. Undecided voters are encouraged to vote for Sec Hillary Clinton.

80-20's strength is its ability to influence the Asian American community via its extensive mailing list and its ability to aid specific candidates via independent advertising expenditures. 80-20 will be doing neither on behalf of Sec Clinton in this general election. 80-20's view is that Sec Clinton needs to re-evaluate her stance and to engage in direct dialogue with Asian Americans. The message being sent is "If you support us strongly, we will support you strongly. If you support us weakly, we will support you weakly." ....
(Press release ends. Emphasis added by S. B.)

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    A tidbit after the Endorsement Convention was over: 

     On Oct 29, 2016, at 5:22 PM, Samuel Yan <> of 
                                     Broadlands, VA wrote:
"Dear SB,
I heard that the vote for endorsement for presidential candidate has been over. Giving the way it has been voted and the outcome, for the sake of 80-20's future, I strongly advise you not to make the announcement.   Sincerely,    Samuel Yan"

    80-20 has been getting this kind of emails several times per week.  Our way is to hold an EC with equal portions of Republican, Democrats and  Independents, 
elected by all PAC members.  Every Delegate who wished to speak during the EC was called upon.  These delegates discussed the issues for  6 hours and come to a unanimous decision for the benefit of AsAms. 

     80-20 uses "reward and punishment" to insure equal opportunity for our children.  This is 80-20's vision.  This is how  80-20 empowers YOU with integrity.  Click here to JOIN us.

S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.