Iowa SBIR/STTR Update

December 11 , 2015  
Department of Defense releases new Solicitation
276 new topics released across all sub-agencies!
The Department of defense released its' winter solicitation today.  

Below is more info from DOD re: the release and a list of all topic titles for the sub-agencies.  Keep in mind, this is the pre-release and you will only have until January 11, 2016 to contact the topic authors.

Proposals are due February 17, 2016

Links to detailed topic descriptions can be found at

If you have any questions or to set up a proposal idea review email Jordan Hobfoll at

Info from the DOD regarding the release
The DoD SBIR 16.1 and the STTR 16.A Solicitations have been pre-released on the DoD SBIR/STTR Small Business Portal. You may view the topics here:


For SBIR 16.1, Army, Navy, Air Force, CBD, DARPA, DHP, DLA, and USSOCOM invite small businesses to propose innovative solutions to topics in this solicitation. For STTR 16.A, Army, Navy, Air Force, DHP, and DTRA invite small businesses and research institutions to jointly propose cooperative research and development efforts in response to topics in this solicitation.

During the pre-release period you may contact the topic authors directly (contact information is listed with the topic) to ask technical questions about specific solicitation topics. The DoD will begin accepting proposals on January 11, 2016 at 6:00 a.m. ET and will close to proposals on February 17, 2016 at 6:00 a.m. ET. Plan ahead and submit your proposal early to avoid heavy traffic on the site during the final week.

1. SBIR 16.1 and STTR 16.A Pre-release: December 11, 2015
2. SBIR 16.1 and STTR 16.A Open: January 11, 2016
3. SITIS Q&A Close: February 3, 2016
4. SBIR 16.1 and STTR 16.A Close: February 17, 2016

The DoD SBIR/STTR Help Desk is prepared to address general questions about this solicitation, proposal preparation, electronic submission process, and other program related areas. The Help Desk may be contacted from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, at 1-800-348-0787 or email

The DoD SBIR/STTR Programs
List of DOD topics from the release
Topic # Program Division
A16-001 SBIR ARMY Reduced-Order Inflow Model for Propeller-Airframe Flow Interaction Noise Assessment
A16-002 SBIR ARMY Metal Matrix Composite Bearing Liner Installation for Rotorcraft Drive Systems
A16-003 SBIR ARMY Rotorcraft Chaff Dispense Modeling
A16-004 SBIR ARMY High-Strain Capable, High-Strength Composites
A16-005 SBIR ARMY Three-Dimensional Imagery Presentation from Multiple Aircraft Sensors
A16-006 SBIR ARMY Printable Materials with Embedded Electronics and Radio Frequency Components
A16-007 SBIR ARMY Innovative Hypervelocity Control Techniques for future Army Aerospace Vehicle
A16-008 SBIR ARMY Dynamic Vehicle Modeling Composed of Mechanical and Thermal Interaction with High-Resolution Synthetic Scenes
A16-009 SBIR ARMY Laser Source with Variable Pulse Width Capability
A16-017 SBIR ARMY High Quality Factor, Thin-Film, Electrically Tunable Varactors and Filters
A16-018 SBIR ARMY Development of a Non-Contact Transmission for Helicopter Applications
A16-019 SBIR ARMY Bone Conduction Audio & Vibrotactile Transducer for Dual-Use Communication
A16-020 SBIR ARMY Low-Loss Commercial Deposition Technology for Thick Ferrites and Ferrite/Insulator Films on Printed Circuit Boards
A16-021 SBIR ARMY Electronic grade, single crystal or large-grain polycrystalline diamond wafer development.
A16-022 SBIR ARMY Development of Lightweight Heat Exchangers for Man-Portable Battery Recharging System
A16-023 SBIR ARMY Processing of Metallic Scrap Materials for Battlefield Additive Manufacturing
A16-024 SBIR ARMY Development of a high resolution long-wave infrared (LWIR) Polarimetric imaging system for long range human identification
A16-025 SBIR ARMY On-Demand Property Modification for Performance Enhancement of Adaptive Systems
A16-026 SBIR ARMY Optical Thin Film Technologies for High Energy Lasers
A16-027 SBIR ARMY Cyber Battlefield Operating System Simulation Tools for LVC Simulations
A16-028 SBIR ARMY Miniature, software-defined Man-Portable Doppler Radar (MPDR) for Atmospheric Measurement
A16-029 SBIR ARMY Computationally Driven Development of Energy Absorbing Materials and Manufacturing Processes for Rotorcraft
A16-030 SBIR ARMY Mode 5 Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) simulation and subsequent RF injection
A16-031 SBIR ARMY Forest/Jungle Positioning Based on Geo-Registered Images from Foliage Penetrating Radar
A16-032 SBIR ARMY Innovative X-Band Antenna Architecture for BFT 3
A16-033 SBIR ARMY Multi-Band Body Wearable Antenna
A16-034 SBIR ARMY Open Architecture Antenna Controller for Directional MANET
A16-035 SBIR ARMY Multi Product UHF L-band System Extension (MPULSE)
A16-036 SBIR ARMY Mission Command of Micro-Robot Swarms: How to select individual agent actions so as to evoke a specific emergent swarm behavior
A16-037 SBIR ARMY Predicting, Prognosticating, and Diagnosing via Heuristics and Learned Patterns
A16-038 SBIR ARMY Superimposing Computer-Generated Imagery within Mission Command Environments.
A16-039 SBIR ARMY Thin Film High-k Dielectric Semiconductor Materials Development for IRFPAs
A16-040 SBIR ARMY Digital Readout Integrated Circuits With Efficient, Low Power On-chip Data Compression Development
A16-041 SBIR ARMY Use of Augmented Reality in Experimentation with New Equipment Training for Electro-Optic Infrared (EOIR) Sensors
A16-042 SBIR ARMY Extended Short-Wavelength Infrared (SWIR) Focal Plane Arrays (FPA) for Hyperspectral Imaging
A16-043 SBIR ARMY Enterprise Enabled Intelligent Agents to Optimize Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Collection
A16-044 SBIR ARMY Simple Cognitive Based Visualization
A16-045 SBIR ARMY Portable Ultraviolet Raman Imaging Spectrometer for Explosives Detection
A16-046 SBIR ARMY High Conductivity Carbon Microfibers for Infrared Obscuration
A16-047 SBIR ARMY Leveraging Networked Mobile Devices to Improve Terrain Analysis and Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
A16-048 SBIR ARMY Heuristic-based Prognostic and Diagnostic Method for Installations
A16-049 SBIR ARMY Conservation and Maintenance of Trauma Injured Tissues for Autologous Repair and Reconstruction
A16-050 SBIR ARMY On-Demand Cell and Tissue Biologics for Mass Casualty Response
A16-051 SBIR ARMY Particulate delivery system for next-generation malaria vaccine
A16-052 SBIR ARMY Semi-Autonomous Airway Management Device
A16-053 SBIR ARMY Secure Wireless Disposable Pulse Oximeter Patch that Generates a PPG Waveform
A16-054 SBIR ARMY Machine Learning & Medical Predictive Algorithm for Medical Applications on End User Devices
A16-055 SBIR ARMY Miniature, point-of-care device for establishing sterile connections in combat environments
A16-056 SBIR ARMY Portable Occult Hemorrhage Detector and Resuscitation System
A16-057 SBIR ARMY IND-Enabling Studies for Development of a Novel Therapeutic Agent for the Treatment of Combat-Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
A16-058 SBIR ARMY Device Solution to Enhance Vascular Access by Reducing Pain and Simplifying Procedure
A16-059 SBIR ARMY Effective targeted treatment of peripheral neuropathy
A16-060 SBIR ARMY Visual and Physical Footprint Reduction of Parachutes on the Ground
A16-061 SBIR ARMY Continuous Mode Conveyor Cooking Appliance for Unitized Group Rations (UGR-A) for Military Field Feeding
A16-062 SBIR ARMY High Pressure Resistant, Non-Powered, Flexible Chemical/Biological Protective Closure System
A16-063 SBIR ARMY Adjustable Reusable Platform for Expeditionary Military Shelters
A16-064 SBIR ARMY Biofidelic Headform for Evaluation of Head Protection Against Blast, Sound and Blunt Trauma Threats
A16-065 SBIR ARMY Nanostructured Metal Alloy for Individual Armor
A16-066 SBIR ARMY Solid State High Voltage Switching Device for Multi-Point Initiation
A16-067 SBIR ARMY Next Generation Materials for Armor Piercing (AP) Small Caliber Projectiles
A16-069 SBIR ARMY Airborne Based Sense and Avoid (ABSAA) Sensor for Tracking Non-cooperative Aircraft for RQ-7 Shadow and Larger UAS
A16-070 SBIR ARMY The Internet of Things for Body Area Networks
A16-071 SBIR ARMY Back Extraction Blast Seat
A16-072 SBIR ARMY In-Field Repair Procedure for Fiber-Reinforced Composite Structures
A16-073 SBIR ARMY Abrams Engine Stall Detection Sensor
A16-074 SBIR ARMY Two-Speed Final Drive for Recovery Vehicle
A16-075 SBIR ARMY Synthetic Megacity Representation in Army Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Environments
A16-076 SBIR ARMY Augmented/Mixed Reality for Force-on-Force Combat Casualty Care Training
A16-077 SBIR ARMY Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) for Image Stabilization in Small Missiles
A16-078 SBIR ARMY Repurposed Software Programmable Radio Technology to Support Flexible Missile Uplink/Downlink Implementations
A16-079 SBIR ARMY High Bandwidth Redundant Communication Links for Small Satellites
A16-080 SBIR ARMY High Power Direct Diode Laser
A16-081 SBIR ARMY Advanced Reverse Osmosis Elements
A16-082 SBIR ARMY Structural Battery Development for Military Vehicle Applications
A16-083 SBIR ARMY Laser Protection for Day Cameras
A16-084 SBIR ARMY High Power Density Diesel Engine Piston Temperature Measurement System
A16-085 SBIR ARMY Lifecycle Test Optimization
A16-086 SBIR ARMY High Fidelity Simulator for Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing
A16-087 SBIR ARMY Gallium Nitride (GaN) based 28 VDC Circuit Protection and Distribution
A16-088 SBIR ARMY Gallium Nitride (GaN) based 28 VDC to 120 VAC Inverter
A16-089 SBIR ARMY Robotic/Automated Occupant Assist of Unmanned Ground Vehicles
AF161-001 SBIR AIR FORCE Rapid Expeditionary Fuel Reclamation
AF161-002 SBIR AIR FORCE Fast-setting, High-strength Material for Expedient Pavement Repair
AF161-003 SBIR AIR FORCE Explosively Driven Fragment Imaging
AF161-004 SBIR AIR FORCE State-of-Health Monitoring for Plasma Sources to Correlate Ground Test and Space Environment
AF161-005 SBIR AIR FORCE Heterogeneous Porous Media for Thermal Transport Mitigation in Hypersonics
AF161-006 SBIR AIR FORCE Neutral Particle Dynamics in Transient Plasma to Determine Ground Test Chamber Interactions
AF161-007 SBIR AIR FORCE Validation of Low Hydrogen Embrittlement (LHE) Alkaline Zinc Nickel Electroplating for Steel and Aluminum Electrical Connectors, Back-Shells and Components
AF161-008 SBIR AIR FORCE Generator Power Recapture
AF161-009 SBIR AIR FORCE Material Sensor Technology for Chemical Cleaning and Stripping Process
AF161-010 SBIR AIR FORCE Additive Manufacturing Technique for Replacement of Complex Castings
AF161-011 SBIR AIR FORCE Acoustic Emission of Frangible, Composite, Concrete and Metallic Radar Towers
AF161-012 SBIR AIR FORCE Additive/Rapid Manufacturing Reverse Engineering, Processing and Production Integrated Solution for Agile Manufacturing of Air Force Tooling, Fixture and Prototype Production
AF161-013 SBIR AIR FORCE High Precision, Non-Line-of-Sight Point Cloud Generation
AF161-014 SBIR AIR FORCE Reconfigurable Interface Test Adapter
AF161-015 SBIR AIR FORCE Maintenance Data Collection from Non-Networked Automatic Test Equipment
AF161-016 SBIR AIR FORCE Radio Frequency Range Modernization, Compatibility and Capability Study
AF161-017 SBIR AIR FORCE Prediction of Stress Corrosion Cracking
AF161-018 SBIR AIR FORCE Landing Gear Fatigue Model K Modification
AF161-019 SBIR AIR FORCE Reconfigurable Manufacturing: A New Paradigm for Improved Performance of Depot Processes
AF161-020 SBIR AIR FORCE Quasi-Model Development using Digital and Non-destructive Inspection Data
AF161-021 SBIR AIR FORCE In-Process and Final Non-destructive Inspection Methods of Additive Manufactured (AM) Simulated Aerospace Critical Parts
AF161-022 SBIR AIR FORCE Installed Systems Near Field Antenna Pattern Measurment System
AF161-023 SBIR AIR FORCE Avian Collision Deterrents for Reflective Surfaces
AF161-024 SBIR AIR FORCE Prediction of Boundary Layer Transition on Hypersonic Vehicles in Large-Scale Wind Tunnels and Flight
AF161-025 SBIR AIR FORCE Micro-Climate Automated Recorder
AF161-026 SBIR AIR FORCE Real-Time Parameterized Reduced-Order-Model (ROM)-Based Aeroservoelastic Simulator
AF161-027 SBIR AIR FORCE Millimeter-Wave Micro-SAR (MMW uSAR)
AF161-028 SBIR AIR FORCE Cryo-Vacuum FTS using COTS Parts for Sensor Responsivity Measurements
AF161-029 SBIR AIR FORCE High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) Magnets
AF161-030 SBIR AIR FORCE High Speed Extraction of Hyperspectral Images within a Plume Radiation Database Structure
AF161-031 SBIR AIR FORCE Rapid Assessment of Structural Vulnerability
AF161-032 SBIR AIR FORCE IRIG Data Recorder Validation
AF161-033 SBIR AIR FORCE Precise Autonomous Vehicle Velocity Control
AF161-034 SBIR AIR FORCE Fiber Metrology Verification and Validation for High Power Fiber Lasers
AF161-035 SBIR AIR FORCE Image Processing that Supports Air-to-Air, High-Bandwidth, Image-Based, Active Tracking
AF161-036 SBIR AIR FORCE Mitigation of Scintillation and Speckle for Tracking Moving Targets
AF161-037 SBIR AIR FORCE Compact Optical Inertial Reference Unit for High Energy Laser System Line-of-Sight Stabilization
AF161-038 SBIR AIR FORCE Generation of High Rep-rate/High Average Power USPL Sources
AF161-039 SBIR AIR FORCE Game-Based Combat Rescue Helicopter Aircrew Mission Training and Rehearsal
AF161-040 SBIR AIR FORCE Wearable Head Tracker System (WHTS)
AF161-041 SBIR AIR FORCE Software Architecture Evaluation Tool for Evaluating Offeror Proposals
AF161-042 SBIR AIR FORCE Simplified Aero Model Development and Validation Environment
AF161-043 SBIR AIR FORCE PED Operational Domain (POD)
AF161-044 SBIR AIR FORCE Finite Element Model of the F-35 Ejection Seat
AF161-045 SBIR AIR FORCE Information Fusion to Enable Shared Perception between Humans and Machines
AF161-046 SBIR AIR FORCE Inexpensive Haptic Devices and 3D Medical Game for the Interosseous Infusion Procedure
AF161-047 SBIR AIR FORCE Cognition Biomarker Measurement in Sweat as an Index of Human Performance
AF161-048 SBIR AIR FORCE Microdosimetry of High Amplitude Ultrashort RF and Electric Fields
AF161-049 SBIR AIR FORCE Multi-modal Synthetic Sensor Data Generator with Real-World Environmental Effects and Sensor Physics
AF161-050 SBIR AIR FORCE Microcosm Forecasting Utilizing Swarm Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology
AF161-051 SBIR AIR FORCE Airborne Network using Spectrum-Efficient Communications Technologies (ANSECT)
AF161-052 SBIR AIR FORCE Cognitive Airborne Communications with RF Interference Mitigation and Anti-jam Capabilities (RIMA)
AF161-053 SBIR AIR FORCE Airborne Cloud for the Tactical Edge User (ABC)
AF161-054 SBIR AIR FORCE Big Data Analytics
AF161-055 SBIR AIR FORCE Survivable, Secure and Dependable Wireless Communications
AF161-056 SBIR AIR FORCE Fusion of Multiple Motion Information Sources
AF161-057 SBIR AIR FORCE Secure and Survivable Antennas for Communication in a Nuclear Environment
AF161-058 SBIR AIR FORCE Modular, Secure and Affordable Design for NextGen ADS-B Integration
AF161-059 SBIR AIR FORCE Event Recognition for Space Situational Awareness
AF161-060 SBIR AIR FORCE Anti-Fragility for Virtualized Systems
AF161-061 SBIR AIR FORCE Object Based Production (OBP) for Satellite Characterization
AF161-062 SBIR AIR FORCE Innovative TWTs for VW Band Communications
AF161-063 SBIR AIR FORCE Mission Visualization
AF161-064 SBIR AIR FORCE Coordinated Data, Better Information, Enhanced Decision Making
AF161-065 SBIR AIR FORCE Information Synthesis Algorithms for Sense and Avoid (SAA)
AF161-066 SBIR AIR FORCE Rapid and Reliable Identification of Counterfeit Electronic Components
AF161-067 SBIR AIR FORCE High-Performance Body Armor-Integrated, Multifunctional Batteries for Dismounted Soldier
AF161-068 SBIR AIR FORCE High-Temperature Electric Wires
AF161-069 SBIR AIR FORCE Physics-based airframe stress calculations at flow-separation dominated flight conditions for aircraft operational clearance, life prediction and inspection scheduling
AF161-070 SBIR AIR FORCE Advanced Circuit Technologies for Reliable, Low-Cost, High-Temperature Electronic Controls
AF161-071 SBIR AIR FORCE High-Speed Measurements of Flame-Stabilization Processes in Vitiated Augmentor Environments for Understanding Screech, Rumble, and Blowoff
AF161-072 SBIR AIR FORCE Structurally Embedded Heat Exchanger
AF161-073 SBIR AIR FORCE Online Chemical Diagnostics for Fuel System Flows
AF161-074 SBIR AIR FORCE Durable Pre-cooling Heat Exchangers for High Mach Flight
AF161-075 SBIR AIR FORCE Automated Synthesis of Propulsion-Power-Thermal Architectures
AF161-076 SBIR AIR FORCE Probabilistic Design of Fuel Thermal Management Systems
AF161-077 SBIR AIR FORCE Fast Valve for Starting Hypersonic Wind Tunnels
AF161-078 SBIR AIR FORCE Integration of "Cold Atom" Technologies into Prototype for Use in Heavy Aircraft
AF161-079 SBIR AIR FORCE Embedded Computing Cyber Testing and Assessment Methods
AF161-080 SBIR AIR FORCE Additive Manufacturing Techniques
AF161-081 SBIR AIR FORCE Precision Spacecraft Instrumentation Booms
AF161-082 SBIR AIR FORCE L Band Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Converter
AF161-083 SBIR AIR FORCE GNSS Jammer Location Using Multipath Exploitation
AF161-084 SBIR AIR FORCE Cognitive UHF Radio for Enhanced GPS Crosslinks
AF161-085 SBIR AIR FORCE Improved Satellite Catalog Processing for Rapid Object Characterization
AF161-086 SBIR AIR FORCE Solid-State Power Amplifier Thermal Management
AF161-087 SBIR AIR FORCE Algorithm Development for WFOV Mission Data Processing
AF161-088 SBIR AIR FORCE Integrated Code Base and High Performance Embedded Computing Tool
AF161-089 SBIR AIR FORCE Development of Flat Lens Technology
AF161-090 SBIR AIR FORCE High Data Rate/Low SWaP-C GPS Crosslinks
AF161-091 SBIR AIR FORCE Low Probability of Intercept PNT Augmentation Network
AF161-092 SBIR AIR FORCE Hypervelocity and Plasma Reentry Research Testbed
AF161-093 SBIR AIR FORCE Multi-material Additive Manufacturing for Advanced Space Systems
AF161-094 SBIR AIR FORCE Robust spacecraft solar array technology
AF161-095 SBIR AIR FORCE Resilient Structural Sensing Technologies for Responsive Anomaly Resolution
AF161-096 SBIR AIR FORCE On-orbit Calibration of Staring Imaging Sensors Using Innovative Techniques and Field-deployable Instrumentation with High Radiometric and Temporal Sensitivity
AF161-097 SBIR AIR FORCE Novel High Transmittance Curved Surface Laser Eye and Sensor Protection
AF161-098 SBIR AIR FORCE Enhanced Starting Reliability and High Altitude Operation of Internal Combustion Engines on Miniature Munitions
AF161-099 SBIR AIR FORCE Ultra Miniature Beam Steered Laser Radar System
AF161-100 SBIR AIR FORCE Multi-Axis Precision Seeker-Laser Pointing Gimbal
AF161-101 SBIR AIR FORCE Fiber Optic Networking Technology for Advanced Payload Integration on F-35 and Other Platforms
AF161-102 SBIR AIR FORCE High Fidelity Algorithm to Model the Statistical Variations of Ground Target Signatures in Scene Generator Systems
AF161-103 SBIR AIR FORCE Low Signal to Noise Ratio Radar Technology Investigation
AF161-105 SBIR AIR FORCE Sensors for Remote Airfield Assessment
AF161-106 SBIR AIR FORCE Compact SWIR DFOV Optics
AF161-107 SBIR AIR FORCE Integrating the EPIC Hydrocode with MEVA and Endgame Framework
AF161-108 SBIR AIR FORCE Innovative, Cost-Effective Techniques for Antenna Electronic Beam Steering
AF161-109 SBIR AIR FORCE Develop Urban Target Cumulative Structural Damage Models
AF161-110 SBIR AIR FORCE Ultra-Wideband Structurally Integrated Antenna Architectures
AF161-111 SBIR AIR FORCE Manufacturability Improvements for Highly Integrated Monolithic Exploding Foil Initiator
AF161-112 SBIR AIR FORCE Armament Life-cycle Status Monitoring Device
AF161-113 SBIR AIR FORCE Direct Measurement of Protection System Breakdown and Corrosion Processes within Aircraft Structures
AF161-114 SBIR AIR FORCE Alternative Nondestructive Testing Inspection Method of In-service Aircraft Bolts and Wheels
AF161-115 SBIR AIR FORCE Direct Measurement of Bondline Temperature During Composite Repair/Fabrication
AF161-116 SBIR AIR FORCE Rapid, Local Characterization of the Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior
AF161-117 SBIR AIR FORCE Automated High Speed Grind for- High Pressure Compressor Blade Repair
AF161-118 SBIR AIR FORCE Blade Repair of Integrally Bladed Disks (IBDs)
AF161-119 SBIR AIR FORCE Non-Destructive Inspection for Repaired Integrally Bladed Disk Airfoils
AF161-120 SBIR AIR FORCE Development of a High-Temperature Bond Coat for Environmental Barrier Coatings on SiC/SiC Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs)
A16A-T001 STTR ARMY Chemical Kinetic Pathway Effects in Turbulent Reacting Flows
A16A-T002 STTR ARMY Solid State Additive Manufacturing of Titanium Alloys
A16A-T003 STTR ARMY Green Diode Lasers (480-550 nm Spectral Regime)
A16A-T004 STTR ARMY Acoustically/Vibrationally Enhanced High Frequency Electromagnetic Detector for Buried Landmines
A16A-T005 STTR ARMY Overcoming RTOS Barriers to Deployment of Innovative Real-Time/Embedded Systems
A16A-T006 STTR ARMY Situational Awareness System
A16A-T007 STTR ARMY Quantification Model and Systems for Assessing and Developing Resilient Wireless Communication Operation
A16A-T008 STTR ARMY Field Drug Identification Kit
A16A-T009 STTR ARMY Metamorphic Buffer Layer Growth for Bulk InAs(x)Sb(1-x) LWIR Detectors
A16A-T010 STTR ARMY Tactical Immune System (TIS)
A16A-T011 STTR ARMY Nadir-Looking Synthetic Aperture Radar (NadirSAR)
A16A-T012 STTR ARMY Man-Portable and Fieldable Mass Spectrometer for Sequencing Peptides
A16A-T013 STTR ARMY Beliefs, Values, Interests and Practices of Identities, Networks, Groups for Planning & Analysis
A16A-T014 STTR ARMY Technologies to Target Circadian Rhythm Disruption in PTSD
A16A-T015 STTR ARMY Manufacturing of Flame Resistant (FR) Combat Printed Nonwoven Material
A16A-T016 STTR ARMY Spectrum Analyzer Using Spintronic Radar Arrays
AF16-AT01 STTR AIR FORCE Wafer-Level Electronic-Photonic Co-Packaging
AF16-AT02 STTR AIR FORCE Noise Measurements in the Atmosphere
AF16-AT03 STTR AIR FORCE Flexible Sensor Network and Its Embedded Integrated Circuits for Structural Health Monitoring
AF16-AT04 STTR AIR FORCE Investigating Satellites Cataloged as Debris (ISCAD)
AF16-AT05 STTR AIR FORCE Prototype for Rapid Reconstitution for Ground-based Space Situational Awareness Capability for Near-geosynchronous Objects
AF16-AT06 STTR AIR FORCE Three-dimensional Measurement of Fluid Density Distribution
AF16-AT07 STTR AIR FORCE Streaming Model for Field-of-Light Displays (SMFoLD)
AF16-AT08 STTR AIR FORCE Training for Resilient System Design
AF16-AT09 STTR AIR FORCE Coordination and Performance Metrics in Command and Control Environments
AF16-AT10 STTR AIR FORCE Securing the Internet of Things (IoT)
AF16-AT11 STTR AIR FORCE Diversified Hypervisors
AF16-AT12 STTR AIR FORCE Heterogeneous Data Discovery
AF16-AT13 STTR AIR FORCE High-Speed Measurements of Dynamic Flame Stabilization Processes in High-Pressure Combustion Systems
AF16-AT14 STTR AIR FORCE Modeling and Simulation of Lean Blowout in High-Pressure Swirl-Stabilized Combustors
AF16-AT15 STTR AIR FORCE Experimentally Derived Scaling Laws from Spatiotemporally Resolved Measurements in High-Pressure Combustors
AF16-AT16 STTR AIR FORCE Novel Approaches for Integrated Controls with TMS and Power
AF16-AT17 STTR AIR FORCE Packaging and Assemblies for High-temperature Intelligent Aerospace Controls
AF16-AT18 STTR AIR FORCE Low-cost, Reliable, and Long-life Components for the Next-Generation Aerospace Controls
AF16-AT19 STTR AIR FORCE Embedded Computing Systems Runtime Integrity Protection
AF16-AT20 STTR AIR FORCE Development of Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids for Reversible Electroplating
AF16-AT21 STTR AIR FORCE Space Object Energy Parameter and State Inference To Support Object Detection, Tracking, Identification and Classification
AF16-AT22 STTR AIR FORCE Infrared Light Emitting Diode Arrays for Target Image Projection
AF16-AT23 STTR AIR FORCE Modeling and Simulation of Structural Energetic Materials
AF16-AT24 STTR AIR FORCE Transient Aerothermoelastic Experimental Response of a Full-Scale Curved Panel
AF16-AT25 STTR AIR FORCE Small Scale Research Molecular Beam Epitaxy for Material Development
AF16-AT26 STTR AIR FORCE Novel Polymer-Derived Carbide and Boride Refractory Ceramics
AF16-AT27 STTR AIR FORCE Properties Of Structural Composite Materials Using Novel Carbon Fibers
AF16-AT28 STTR AIR FORCE Laser and Rapid-thermal Crystallization of Low-defect GeSn and SiGeSn Layers for High Performance Infrared Detectors and Integrated Si-based Optoelectronic Devices
AF16-AT29 STTR AIR FORCE Information Theory Models for Multi-Sensor Design of Signature Exploitation Systems
AF16-AT30 STTR AIR FORCE Space-Division-Multiplexing (SDM) Components for Infrared (IR)
DHP16A-001 STTR DHP Bio-mathematical Models of Aggregated Tissues & Organ Properties
DTRA16A-001 STTR DTRA Rapid Development of Weapon Payloads via Additive Manufacturing
DTRA16A-002 STTR DTRA Self-fragmenting Structural Reactive Materials (SF-SRM) for High Combustion Efficiency
DTRA16A-003 STTR DTRA Innovative Mitigation of Radiation Effects in Advanced Technology Nodes
DTRA16A-004 STTR DTRA Compact Laser Drivers for Photoconductive Semiconductor Switches
N16A-T001 STTR NAVY High Hesitivity Magnetic Materials for Magnetic Toroid and Flat Dipole Antennas
N16A-T002 STTR NAVY Methods for Actionable Measures of Absolute Cognitive Workload
N16A-T003 STTR NAVY Innovative Multi-scale/Multi-physics based Tool for Predicting Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation in Aircraft Structural Components using Phase Field Model Technique
N16A-T004 STTR NAVY Quantifying Uncertainty in the Mechanical Performance of Additively Manufactured Parts Due to Material and Process Variation
N16A-T005 STTR NAVY Air Cycle Machine Low Friction, Medium Temperature, Foil Bearing Coating
N16A-T006 STTR NAVY Novel, High-Efficiency, Light-weight, Flexible Solar Cells as Electrical Power Generation Source
N16A-T007 STTR NAVY Optimized High Performance Stainless Steel Powder for Selective Laser Melting Additive Manufacturing (AM)
N16A-T008 STTR NAVY Novel Separator Materials for Achieving High Energy/Power Density, Safe, Long-Lasting Lithium-ion Batteries for Navy Aircraft Applications.
N16A-T009 STTR NAVY Medium Voltage Direct Current (MVDC) Fault Detection, Localization, and Isolation
N16A-T010 STTR NAVY Additive Manufacturing for Microwave Vacuum Electron Device Cost Reduction
N16A-T011 STTR NAVY Fully Encapsulating Dielectrics for Gaseous Helium Cooled Superconducting Power Cables
N16A-T012 STTR NAVY Medium Voltage Direct Current (MVDC) Grounding System
N16A-T013 STTR NAVY Cyber Forensic Tool Kit for Machinery Control
N16A-T014 STTR NAVY Low-cost Thermal Management Technology for Combat Systems Computers
N16A-T015 STTR NAVY Reduced Cost, Repeatable, Improved Property Washout Tooling for Composite Fabrication
N16A-T016 STTR NAVY Platform for Large-scale Unsupervised and Supervised Learning
N16A-T017 STTR NAVY Computational Methods for Dynamic Scene Reconstruction
N16A-T018 STTR NAVY 3D Acoustic Model for Geometrically Constrained Environments
N16A-T019 STTR NAVY Thermal Barrier Coatings for Long Life in Marine Gas Turbine Engines
N16A-T020 STTR NAVY Embedded Space Analytics
N16A-T021 STTR NAVY High Performance Energetic Propellant Ingredient Process Research and Development
N16A-T022 STTR NAVY Integrated Computational Material Engineering Approach to Additive Manufacturing for Stainless Steel (316L)
N16A-T023 STTR NAVY Epitaxial Technologies for Gallium Oxide Ultra High Voltage Power Electronics
N16A-T024 STTR NAVY Multi-Access Optical System for Communications and Sensing Applications
N16A-T025 STTR NAVY Hybrid Unmanned Air / Underwater Vehicle for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Mine Countermeasures (MCM)

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