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Borderless Conference
This past week Praying Pelican Missions held its largest training event of the year at our annual Borderless Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Nate was responsible for the 40+ Host Pastors that flew in from around the world.  He spent time helping the pastors connect with each other and expand their view of PPM. He also trained them to maximize a short-term missions team for long-term impact in their ministry, reaching beyond a week long trip!  Nate was able to encourage the pastors in their calling using the story in Exodus of Aaron and Hur holding up the arms of Moses as they fought the Amalekites.  The final session Nate, alongside of the leaders of PPM, moderated a panel discussion with our pastors.

One of the special treats of the weekend was having 7 pastors with us from Costa Rica and Guatemala.  Pastor Edgar (who Nate will lead a trip with this summer) said "in this conference we received access to PPM's heart!"  It was an amazing time seeing our pastor's visions grow throughout the weekend.
International Staff
We were blessed to have 12 of 17 international staff in attendance with us for the week of full time staff meetings as well.  For some of them, it was their first time experiencing many blessings from the USA like Krispy Kreme donuts and Chick-fil-A!

Our international staff are doing an incredible job being our "boots on the ground" showing our pastors that they are loved.  They continue to help keep Praying Pelican Missions sustainable and provide critical information for our incoming teams.  They truly are our bridge between cultures!
Peru 2020:   A New PPM Location Launch!
For those of you who have been following along with us for a while you will recall that Nate used to take yearly mission trips with Immanuel Church to Peru.  They would travel along the Amazon River system for evangelism trips and host pastor's conferences yearly.  It was there where Nate was trained in leading pastor's conferences.

Now Nate is able to return to some of these early mission roots as Praying Pelican Missions sees the need to launch PPM in Peru!  Nate will be leading the endeavor to help connect local churches (even down the Amazon River system) on a global level.  We can't wait to see how God is going to unite the local church through our short-term mission trips there!

If you are adventurous and want to be part of being the first to go with PPM to this new location of Peru, please reach out to Nate asap by responding to this email!
Monthly Support Needed
We recently have continued to see a drop in our Monthly Support.  If you would prayerfully consider supporting our ministry on a monthly basis we would be so grateful!  Partner with us as we continue to expand our tent pegs to follow where the Lord is leading us!

Travel Alert:  Belize
May 24-26:  Nate will be assisting our Belize team in putting on a Staff Training Event.  Nate's first two mission trips with PPM as a youth pastor were in Belize, so he's excited to get back there.  Belize is also the birthplace of PPM!  Please keep these dates and the Belize staff in your prayers as we prepare them for a busy summer of connecting the local church on a global level.
April Photos
We were thrilled to be able to be with Darrell at the Borderless Conference.  Darrell will be serving in Memphis and Chicago this summer with PPM!
Jonathan and Connie came in a day early to the week of meetings to spend time with us!  We all have missed them both so much!
Seeing our friend, Francis, was a huge blessing at the conference.  He became our pastor and close friend during our last year in Costa Rica (along with his incredible wife, Melissa)!
Siblings!  They were so excited to be able to hug on Darrell again!
Laura has been serving part-time with PPM on the administrative side, primarily in booking staff flights!   This enabled her to be spend the entire week of meetings serving behind the scenes.
The Littleton family stopped by to talk life and missions!  It was good to have our families together again!
When your flight gets canceled in Miami, you come to the Norman's house!  We were so thankful to have time together with 2 of our Costa Rican staff after they served with PPM in Puerto Rico!
Easter!  Jesus is alive!
We traveled across the state this month to see the Danner family from Delaware!
From South Florida to the World, 
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Nathan, Laura, Darrell (in DE) , Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi,  & Isaiah