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ConnectLife Provides 70% of WNY's Blood Supply
The History of Larkin, from the Desk of Sharon Osgood
Larkin Co.: A Laboratory of Marketing Genius
The Larkin Soap Company (LSC), founded in 1875 by John D. Larkin, initially manufactured and sold only one product, Sweet Home Soap, a laundry soap. Its market was individual households, but, according to Lester Rickard, a ceramic engineer and officer at Buffalo Pottery (a subsidiary of LSC founded in 1901), who also developed a timeline of the two companies covering 1870 till 1943), the company expanded its market by forming another corporation, People’s Manufacturing Co., to handle wholesale accounts. Larkin marketing ingenuity had been launched.

In 1881, LSC added another laundry soap, Boraxine, and included a prize with each box of soap. The next year they enclosed a Chromo Card with each box. In addition to trading cards, gifts of pocket watches, silver-plated table ware or Japanese silk handkerchiefs were given. 

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