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Larry Armanda made his transition into non-physical on July 6, 2016 
after being diagnosed with bile duct cancer in May.  
I had the honor of working with Larry as his primary co-trainer for more than 5 years. 
Larry was in his element and tuned to his true self guiding technicians toward learning new skills.  Together, we worked hard, and we played hard. 
My career and personal life was enriched by being around Larry, and will continue to be influenced by him even after his passing. He taught me a lot, and will continue to teach me from the other side.

Larry is flamin'!
Larry's work and career life followed a progression from worker to business owner to industry leader.
Never satisfied having just one job, Larry worked as an Industrial Electric Troubleshooter at Bethlehem Steel for 16 years. During this time period, he became a Logistic Supervisor for Infraspection Institute, teaching infrared imaging nationally. In the 1980's he started an electrical contracting business, Armanda Electric, becoming well known in the Williamsport PA area. Having a solid background in mechanical and electrical systems, wet building and roof moisture troubleshooting, and building inspections, he became an Instructional Specialist at Pennsylvania College of Technology (Penn College), Weatherization Training Center in 1997, where he developed and designed building science curriculum, and instructed and taught US Department of Energy approved weatherization classes. For 12 years, Larry taught thousands of weatherization technicians, including Energy Auditors, Crew Leaders, and insulation and air sealing contractors how to diagnose and solve building energy, health, and safety problems. In 2009, Larry became a consultant and taught courses and did in-field training in the US and Puerto Rico, training thousands of field technicians, government officials, and utility managers. Larry retired at the end of 2015.

Larry was a true pioneer in the weatherization and home performance industry, having had experience with building systems, diagnostics, and solutions for decades prior to just about anyone else in the US.  He was sought after because of his wit, experience, knowledge, and practical skills, and mostly for his ability to teach by telling stories about his own experiences with building science, troubleshooting, and fixing buildings and systems.
Always humble and never egotistic, Larry made all his students and clients feel good about what they knew,
what they were learning, and who they could become.  He wrote over a dozen articles published in national magazines, including Fine Homebuilding and Home Energy Magazine, where the editors rarely changed a word because of Larry's ability to write easy to understand stories.  He was asked to present at countless conferences, where lines to thank him for his presentations extended out the doors. Larry's teaching skills shone the most when he performed in-field training, including courses for women-only, as he was patient, and non-judgmental, always influencing his students to explore possible answers without fear of being wrong.  
He often said "There are no stupid questions". He saw the best in everyone.

Upon learning of Larry's illness, dozens of leaders 
from the Weatherization, Home Performance, Building Science, Thermal Imaging, HVAC, Utility, and Electrical Contracting industries, including those he mentored, guided, and supported, expressed their deep gratitude for Larry and his decades of service to thousands of technicians and field workers all over the world.  Larry's work will live on in these people, and he continues to teach through his stories, articles, PowerPoint presentations, YouTube videos, national curricula, images, and guide books, influencing people to do the best, right thing first.
Larry's memorial service will be at 3 pm, Sunday July 24, at Sanders Funeral Home, 821 Diamond Street,  Williamsport, PA 17701.
If you wish to send cards, Karen Armanda's address is 2877 Euclid Ave., South Williamsport, PA 17702.  

Thank you,
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