Tuesday is election day, yet we are facing an opponent that defends his lack of integrity and willing to attack anyone who questions his campaign finances as a smear campaign. I received a letter from the former mayor of Rockville, Larry Giammo on Friday and wanted to share it with you. Please forward this email to other people you know. If you are on Facebook, please share it as well. Please click to view images.  


Thanks. Tim Fahey



Larry Giammo
124 Monument Street
Rockville, MD 20850

November 4, 2011

Dear Rockville neighbor,
The most recent campaign finance reports for the Rockville city election were just filed. Councilmember Gajewski's reveals he accepted large contributions from two owners of companies, which benefited directly from his votes in favor of their development projects:

Mark Silverwood
On October 1st, Silverwood contributed $500 to Gajewski's campaign. Just ten days later on October 10th, Gajewski voted to approve the massive 417 residential unit development project proposed by Silverwood's development company, Silverwood/Shady Grove, LLC. The city council vote was 3-2, with Gajewski casting the deciding vote.

Earlier in this campaign, Gajewski had already accepted $1,000 in contributions from three development attorneys, two of whom represent Silverwood's development companies. All three regularly represent development companies before the city council and planning commission.

W.A. Pumphrey
On October 5th, Pumphrey contributed $1,000 to Gajewski's campaign. Earlier this year, Gajewski voted to approve the huge parking lot proposed by Pumphrey's Funeral Home, which will be built right next to people's homes on W. Montgomery Avenue. The city council vote was 3-2, with Gajewski casting the deciding vote.

I am deeply concerned about Gajewski's close ties to developer interests. Time and again, he has sided with developers, worked to weaken Rockville's growth controls, and openly scorned concerns about overdevelopment, school overcrowding and traffic gridlock. Gajewski has consistently put the interests of developers over the interests of everyday Rockville residents.

I will vote for Mayor Marcuccio's re-election. I know I can trust her to put Rockville's residents first, defend Rockville's growth controls, and protect our quality of life. I hope you will do the same.

Larry Giammo
A snapshot from Gajewski's most recent campaign finance report:
Gajewski's campaign financing contributors