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October 12, 2010 Tel: (512) 351-3418

Texas Ethics Commission Confirms Investigation of Republican Candidate Larry Gonzales for Possible Serious Ethics Violations

October 5th Activity by Gonzales Raises Additional Eyebrows When He Finds Additional $20,000 Previously Unreported ONLY AFTER being Notified of Investigation

(Round Rock) - Official documents provided by the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) confirm that the State's campaign finance enforcement agency is actively investigating House District 52 candidate Larry Gonzales for possible serious 'category one' violations of the law including hiding thousands of dollars in contributions and misreporting the amounts on others.

"After years of playing fast and loose with the facts as a win-at-all-costs, hired-gun political consultant, it appears that candidate Larry Gonzales is playing fast and loose with the law and the transparency that the voters deserve," said Moving WilCo Forward director Lindsey Ellerbach.

In particular the Texas Ethics Commission is investigating whether Gonzales has violated section 254.031 of the Election Code. Additionally, the TEC has notified Mr. Gonzales that the seriousness of the possible violations of the law require him to respond in writing and under oath within 10 days or face a separate TEC violation and civil penalty.

"These were either attempts to hide how much and from where Mr. Gonzales was taking thousands of dollars in contributions or total ineptitude in following the very basics of the law. Either way, incompetence and/or corruption are not qualities that Williamson County voters are looking for in their leaders," said Ellerbach.

Interested parties and the press looking into this matter should also note Gonzales' activity with the Texas Ethics Commission onOctober 5th where he filed a 'corrected' version of his latest 30-day campaign finance report. He falsely claims on the affidavit required to explain the report that he is simply correcting some expenditure details. IN FACT, what he has changed is the addition of approximately $20,000 in contributions that he left off of the original report. Please note that this bizarre move by Gonzales was made after learning that the TEC was investigating him.


A sworn complaint filed at the TEC details possible violations dating back ten months to required reports filed by Larry Gonzales in January, March, and May of 2010:

March 31st Contribution of $1,779.24 -- Larry Gonzales failed to report receiving the contribution, even though it clearly shows up on the now defunct Texas 1836 PAC's ethics report. In fact, Gonzales even filed a corrected report on April 5, and still neglected to admit he received the contribution.

January 11th Contribution of $250 -- Larry Gonzales failed to report a contribution from the Republican Party of Texas for a Voter Vault List.

May 24th Contribution of $1000 - This time Gonzales appears to have puffed up the amount of money he raised before the crucial June 30th reporting deadline by claiming he received $1,000 from Texas State Farm PAC when in fact they gave him a tenth of that amount.


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