Apr. 13, 2020

Starting Wednesday, my free webinars are back! Here's the link.

The most frustrating thing about the pandemic we are all living through is that there isn't a whole lot I can do - except keep away from other people. I'm not a scientist or a medical professional ... I don't even bag groceries. Clearly, I'm one of the millions of un-essential people. Still, I want to help.

So I decided it was time to restart my webinars. It gives me a chance to share ideas with people I like. Join me for  two shows this Wednesday: " Ask Larry Anything." ( Send me your questions in advance so I can do some research.) This will be fun! 

In the news, the team at PostPerspective.com created a list highlighting how companies are discounting products, raising money and introducing technology to help with remote workflows, plus highlighting how pros are personally pitching in.

Adobe is making news this week. Starting at 9:30am PDT on Tuesday, April 14th, Adobe is presenting a special video livestream series, hosted by Jason Levine, on Premiere Pro and the Adobe video/audio apps. They'll be looking at tools, case studies, and workflows (local and remote) that help you get to great faster.

LiveU has created a very quick infographic detailing the changing state of live during the COVID-19 crisis. Not surprising, live streaming is WAY up.

Frame.io is creating new webisodes exploring remote post house workflows and offline team editing. There are four episodes available. Each episode features working-from-home editors who've made the transition from brick-and-mortar teams to working together virtually from their homes.

ForA just released a new, ultra high-speed camera that captures 4K media at 1,000 fps! Sheesh! Designed for live production and supports variable frame rates creating stunning super slow motion. If we ever start playing again, this will be fantastic for sports.

New products continue to appear from FX Factory and  MotionVFX. Both are releasing products so quickly, I can't keep track of them. Check out the latest here.

FXFactory:  https://fxfactory.com

Lesspain Software, makers of Kyno - a media asset management software that I like a lot - started an initiative for the COVID-19 crisis aimed at making the lives of affected creatives in our community a bit easier, along with a special offer for medical and research institutions or individuals who could use Kyno in their work creating publications or organizing media assets that they need for their work.

Turning to my news - webinars are restarting! One of my favorite sessions is "Ask Larry Anything" - I'm presenting two shows this Wednesday at 9 AM and 12 PM. Email me your questions and let me know which show you'll be attending. It will be fun to meet again.

I also have four new articles. My lead story is a review of Simon Says - On-Prem, a high-speed, secure AI-based software tool to convert speech to text. Designed for editorial workgroups who need transcripts fast - but can't risk putting assets into the Cloud. Even better, in these work-from-home days, this can be installed on a local server and accessed from home using a VPN.

In reviewing this software, I found myself with lots of caption files, so I wrote two articles on working with captions in Final Cut and Premiere. Then, Mark Suszko sent me a challenge that took me more than a day to figure out. I turned that into my fourth article - creating adjustable grids in Motion for use in Final Cut.

There's no doubt we are seeing a sea-change in the world these days. We discovered that the really essential people are not the people we expected to be essential at all. We learned that the social aspect of work is as important as the work itself. And all of us, though tired of sticking around home, are learning that we depend upon people we've never met far more than we ever expected. It is one planet, after all. I'm curious to see how many of these lessons we'll remember when the world restarts in the next few months. Strange times indeed.

Sign up for a webinar - I need someone to talk with. A s always, I'm here if you need me.  In the meantime, until next Monday, take care, stay safe and edit well
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