Apr. 20, 2020

This week, I discovered a significant bug in macOS Catalina that could affect many of us. When transferring large media files and running macOS 10.15.4, the operating system hangs. I had this happen when transferring files between my iMac and a Synology server, as well as using two different OWC RAIDs. While the mouse continues to move, the system is hung.  The only cure is to press the power button until the system shuts off; then repair damaged directories by using the Repair Boot Disk (Restart while pressing Cmd - R.)

I spoke with Tim Standing at SoftRAID about the problem. They've published an excellent blog describing the problem - which Apple knows about - with two workarounds. A permanent fix requires an update to macOS - and, so far, it is not in the 10.15.5 beta. My hope is that Apple will address this before releasing the update. Please read SoftRAID's blog - this bug was biting a number of DITs trying to transfer large media files on set, as well as myself.

Turning to the news, with everything on lock-down these days, our industry is turning to webinars to introduce new products. For example:

NAB is launching NAB Show Express . NAB Show Express has been built with the flexibility for every one of us to find what we're searching for and design our own experience. Starting May 13, 2020.

Maxon is launching new products and showcasing artists with their Virtual NABSHOW. Featuring Red Giant, Cinema 4D and Redshift, presentations start this morning - Monday, April 20.

I have eight new articles and videos for you this week! I'll get to those in a minute - our FREE webinars continue. This week is: Tips and Tricks for Apple Final Cut Pro X. Next week, is New Features and Techniques for Adobe Premiere Pro. Registration for both events is FREE! Join me this Wednesday at 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM (PDT) for a host of tips to speed your editing and make using Final Cut a whole lot more fun.

Links: FCP X - 8 AM - NOTE NEW TIME!
AND, for the first time ever, I've published an "Ask Larry Anything" webinar to my store, as well as my Video Training Library. 44 questions and answers on life, configuring gear, Final Cut and Premiere. 

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Also, if you haven't subscribed to one or more of our free newsletters at TheInsideTips.com, now's a perfect time. Each issue has three tips on subjects that range from Final Cut to Premiere to Random Media Weirdness. So far, we've published over 600 tips - with new ones arriving in your In-box each week.

Last week, I illustrated how to work with closed captions in both Premiere and Final Cut. This week, I have a complete workflow illustrating how to edit, import, trim, export and post captions to YouTube for both FCP X and Premiere. I used these steps myself in adding captions to the tutorials I posted to YouTube this week.

Next,  Loren Miller has started a movement to rename "off-line editing" to "story-line editing." If you think about it, off-line editing refers to days long gone where we did rough cuts on 3/4" U-matics and final edits on 2" quad videotape machines. Today, we can do it all from our desktop. I think this is a compelling idea - and I invite your comments.

Lee Byers asked me for a detailed tutorial for educators on how to use Premiere to create videos that include video and PowerPoint slides. I presented one for Final Cut a few weeks ago, now, Premiere has equal time.

Thinking of Premiere, Adobe added a new preference to  improve display color management to resolve the issue of video appearing dark in Premiere. 

Also,  Charles Hunt asked me whether the release this week of the Radeon Pro W5700X GPU for the Mac Pro would change my recommendation. I looked into it and it did - PLUS it saves almost $2,000 when you buy the system

All this, plus  two video tutorials showing how to add captions in both Final Cut and Premiere, along with an illustration of how to use Morph cut in Premiere with green-screen footage. 

WHEW!  Eight new articles this week - I think that's a record...! All links are below.

Please register for this week's webinar - I truly enjoy chatting with you. And, as always these days, stay safe and stay healthy. Until next Monday,  edit well
» SRT Caption Workflow from Final Cut Pro X to YouTube ( Tutorial)
    » Illustrated, step-by-step from edit to import to export to YouTube.

SRT Caption Workflow
 from Premiere Pro to YouTube ( Tutorial
    » Illustrated, step-by-step from edit to import to export to YouTube.

» Should We Call Ourselves "Storyline Editors?" (Commentary)
    » Does the word "off-line" still make sense in today's NLE world?

» Updated Recommendations for the 2019 Mac Pro (Product Review)
    » Updated with new GPU, Afterburner and pricing recommendations.

» Premiere Pro: Create Illustrated Slide Lectures with Video (Tutorial)
    » How to create video lectures that include PowerPoint slides in Premiere.

» Improve Color - and Color Management - in Premiere Pro (Tutorial)
    » A preference setting and blog on how to improve color display in Premiere Pro.

» Create, Import, and Modify Closed Captions (Video Tutorial)
    » How to create, import and modify captions in Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro.

» How to Use Morph Cut with Green-Screen Media in Premiere (Video Tutorial)
    » A step-by-step guide to fixing jump cuts in the Timeline.
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Feel free to send your questions in advance -  Larry@LarryJordan.com. This gives us time to figure out the answers. Or, just ask questions during the session itself.

NEXT WEEK: Adobe Premiere - New Features and New Techniques.
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