Apr. 27, 2020

The good news is that we are all still here - YAY! I have new articles and demos for you this week, but, first, the news.

Last week, I warned of a significant bug copying large files using macOS Catalina. While there hasn't been official word from Apple, my expectation is that this gets fixed in the 10.15.5 update. Read this blog to learn more.

NewTek Tricaster announced the latest version of TriCaster Mini 4K. Focusing on small production teams, this update adds Live Story Creator, the ability to use a Word document to run a production, and LivePanel, customizable browser-based remote control of the Mini 4K from anywhere on the same local network, as well as improved Skype support.

BorisFX released two free updates to Mocha Pro and Silhouette. The Mocha Pro update (motion tracking) includes improved tracking, faster motion blur rendering, improved color management and more. The Silhouette update (paint, rotoscoping & compositing) includes paint plugins for Adobe and Vegas Pro, better onion skinning, Node Favorites and more.

Adobe has created a workflow guide for Premiere Pro specifically to help creators of Quibi content, a key feature of which is dynamic switching between 16:9 and 9:16 content, depending upon how a mobile device is held. This guide showcases the Auto Reframe technology in Premiere.

As security increases in importance, NordVPN is rolling out a new VPN protocol based on cryptography protocols in WireGuard. Running on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux, this "new-generation VPN protocol is faster than anything we've seen before." ( NordVPN press release). This requires the NordVPN app, prices start at $3.10 (US) / month.

Turning to my news, this week's webinar looks at the new features in Adobe Premiere Pro, especially Productions and Team projects - both of which improve access to collaboration tools. Registration is FREE - and I have two presentations: Wednesday at 9 AM and 12 PM. Sign up today.

NEXT week, I'm presenting " Color Tools in Apple Final Cut Pro X." From scopes to color wheels to curves, this session will help you make your projects look their best. Register here (it's at the bottom of the page).

Remember, all my past webinars are available for download in my store , or streamed via my Video Training Library . Great training at a very affordable price.

I have four demos and a new tutorial for you this week - you'll find the complete list below. Also, please register for our InsideTips newsletters . We are publishing 18 new tips each week on six different subjects. I know you'll find something worthwhile in each issue. By the way, here are the  Top 10 Tips  for ratings & viewers.

The virus news these days does not seem to be getting better. On the other hand, we are getting more comfortable - though not particularly happy - about working from home. Still, while it would be great to get out and about, I'm concerned about those states opening early. It is much better to stay inside and stay healthy. Besides, look how clean the air is getting! I can see far more stars at night.

Stay safe, stay healthy and u ntil next Monday,  edit well
» FCP X: Copy One Clip Into Multiple Events ( Video tutorial)
    » Yes, it CAN be done! Watch and learn.

» FCP X: You Can't Copy/Paste Speed Ramps (Tutorial)
   » But, here's what you CAN do.

» FCP X: Format 3D Text, then Add a Cast Shadow (Video tutorial)
   » If 3D text is new to you, this tutorial shows what you need to know.

» FCP X: Use Focus Blur to Simulate Depth-of-Field (Video tutorial)
   » This trick stunned me when I first discovered how it works.

» FCP X: Faster Ways to Trim and Add Freeze Frames (Video tutorial)
   » This tutorial is for all the raw speed keyboard junkies out there.
Final Cut Pro X:
Tips, Tricks & Techniques
New Features in
Adobe Premiere Pro
More than three dozen techniques to speed your editing.
* Shortcuts
* Keywords
* Searches
* Trimming
* 3D Text & effects

Everything you need - all in one place.

This session covers the new features in the latest update to Adobe Premiere Pro.

* Productions

* Team Projects

* Techniques to speed editing.

FREE Registration - Wed. 9 AM & 12 PM

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