April 1, 2019

Here it is, the first of April already. Wow. (It wasn't until I was done writing this issue that I realized I should have created some sort of "April Fool's Joke."  Hmm... I'll make a note to do that next year. Probably...)

NAB starts next week, and the floodgates of new product announcements will open with a rush. However, there's still cool stuff to talk about this week. (And several significant announcements are coming later this week, which I'll also write up.)

Take1.com, the transcription house that provides weekly transcripts for the Digital Production Buzz, launched the Take 1 Cloud, a cloud-based, secure-by-design platform, developed to provide seamless video transcription workflows. This new platform enables production companies to use a web-based interface to securely transfer video assets to Take 1, add comments or instructions for specific projects or media files, monitor the status of work in progress and retrieve completed outputs. Learn more here.

A couple of days ago, a reader made a comment that ProRes was not suited for HDR media. That didn't strike me as right, so I did some research. What I learned was that ProRes is an excellent format to use when working in wide color gamut HDR. In fact, Apple recommends this format in their " Working with Wide Color Gamut and HDR" white paper.

The key phrase is: "Deliver your final project in a codec that supports the color space of your project. For wide-gamut HDR, Apple ProRes is recommended."

Thinking about the 2019 NAB Show reminds me that the Digital Production Buzz is traveling to Las Vegas to cover the show live from the expo floor. Here's a list of all our guests - almost 100 industry leaders - and when they will be on.

In fact, my lead story this week is a behind-the-scenes look at the gear and workflow we'll use to produce 27 45-minute shows in less than four days. It is an intense, but fun, process. I encourage you to listen. Here's the link to our shows: NABShowBuzz.comHere's the link to the article.

Those crazy etymologists over at Moviola, having an excess of time on their hands, have created a fascinating visual glossary of media terms. If you always wanted to talk like a "pro" - or, like me, have wondered what the heck these people are saying, this is fun webpage to explore. (And a tip of the hat to the hard work by Moviola to put this together.) Here's the link.

Some of my most popular articles are those that talk about how to configure a computer system for video editing. (These also generate dozens of questions each week.) So, this week, I put together a helpful tutorial on how to measure the performance of your system using free software. I've talked about some of these tools other articles, but this is the first time I've put all the pieces together in one place. I find myself using this software almost every week. And, as always, let me know if you have any questions. The link is below in Articles.

I'm packing up and heading out to Las Vegas next Saturday, so next week's newsletter may be a bit skimpy; I'll be, ah, somewhat distracted. Still, there is lots of exciting news still to come. I'm looking forward to sharing it with you.

In the meantime, edit well.

Last Week on The Buzz
We cover a wide range of subjects this week on The Buzz. The Writers Guild is upending the entire media industry, we discuss DaVinci Resolve's state-of-the-art collaboration tools for editors and colorists, wireless network speeds are getting faster and we have an inside look at the world of stunts.
* Jonathan Handel,
   "The Hollywood Reporter"
* Dan Judy, DigitalFilm Tree
* Todd Krautkremer, CradlePoint
* Jack Gill, Stunts Unlimited 
* James DeRuvo, DoddleNEWS.com 
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The 2019 NAB Show is Coming!
Webinars are on hold until after NAB.
During NAB, the Digital Production Buzz will be creating 27 new shows - one an hour - covering media news and technology announced at the show. We plan to talk with almost 100 media leaders from leading technology firms.
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