April 15, 2019

NAB is an exhausting show. But it is also exciting, overwhelming, and tantalizing. It is a great place to get a status check on our industry and a sense of where we are going. Some were saying this was an "off-year," a chance for the industry to catch its breath before the next big wave - whatever that may be.

I've learned that I'm not particularly good at predicting the future, so I'll simply reflect on what I noticed. Drones were gone. VR and AR were hidden in the corners. eSports was huge, the " Connected Car" was not. Cameras were updated, but the frenzy of new cameras and new codecs exploding on the scene have, thankfully, subsided. The pace of change is constant but less stressful.

5G was ahead of its time, more hype and market positioning than actual fact. The Cloud was everywhere - in fact, in several areas, the media industry is reverting to the old paradigm of "terminals to mainframes" that we used in the 1960's and '70's, where simple terminals connect with the CPU remotely. Except now, we  carry those signals over the Internet and use laptops instead of dumb terminals.

Speeds of everything are increasing - except for the last mile connecting our home or company to the Internet itself. This lack of bandwidth for the consumer/small company will continue to hinder taking full advantage of what the web can provide. This is as much a political issue as a technical one.

While moving actual editing to The Cloud continues to be a tough nut to crack, despite the best efforts of Bebop, Blackbird, Avid, and others, The Cloud pervades pre-production, as well as review and approval. Avid made big news with a new interface, Cloud-based editing and more. Adobe issued significant updates to its software. All well-thought-out, but nothing earth-shattering; though support for dual, and external, GPUs may prove the most beneficial. Apple released modest updates to FCP X just before NAB. And hundreds of other folks looked for ways to ride their coat-tails with new products & upgrades.

What I enjoyed most about covering NAB for the Digital Production Buzz, was the diversity of ideas and the enthusiasm all these companies have for their products. If you want to get a sense of the state of the industry, listen to our Thursday 6 PM show. These highlights cover announcements from : Adobe, Atomos, Avid, JVC, OWC, and the folks at the NAB itself. Attendance was up 2.5%, there were more exhibitors than last year, and the NAB Show is expanding into new fields that all relate to media. Here's the link to our end-of-NAB highlights show.

If you want to discover products that you may not have heard of, as well as listen to some of my favorite interviews, check out our Thursday at 1 PM highlight show. Conversations with K-tek, LiveU, Flanders Scientific and G-Technology. (In fact, all four of our highlight shows are worth listening to: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We pick our favorite interviews for each show.)

To see all our NAB coverage, visit www.NABShowBuzz.com. 27 shows, 108 interviews - all in 3.5 days.  It was an intense time, but we had a great team, great guests and lots of fun presenting these shows to you. Here's the link for all our coverage. Pick any company and discover something new. Here's what we did.

In addition to all our audio coverage, this week, I've included coverage from our sister site: doddleNEWS.com. Editor-in-Chief James DeRuvo, and his team, wandered the show floor and shares what they discovered.

Also, in the articles below, I have two write-ups on new features in the latest release of Premiere from Adobe. I'll have more articles in coming weeks.

Thinking of Adobe's support for GPUs, I made a point to interview the folks at Sonnet about their new GPU enclosures. Here's my interview with them.

In fact, here are all the individual interviews we did at NAB - if you don't want to listen to an entire show, you can pick and choose from these.

On an unrelated topic, Antonio Marogna, created a plug-in for ExifTool that allows you to read camera EXIF metadata such as ISO, Aperture, Shutter, Lens Type, Gamma, Color Space, Focal Point, etc. in Premiere Pro, giving you the ability to see a lot more metadata info with just a few clicks. Click to learn more.

I want to thank a truly great team for all their hard work at NAB - especially Debbie Price - you made the entire process fun. I also want to thank the transcription team at Simon Says for this fast turnaround on all the show transcripts. You'll find a scrolling, synced transcript on every show page. For now, though, I'm catching up on lost sleep. Until next week, edit well.

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