April 17, 2017

A week from today, the annual NAB Show opens in Las Vegas. Over the last three weeks, my email in-box has over-flowed with press releases all saying, essentially, the same thing: "What until you see what we are announcing at NAB! It will change the world."

(Smile...) Even if only a small percentage are correct, there will be a lot of world-changing starting next week.

My podcast, Digital Production Buzz, will be in the thick of it. Webcasting live from the trade show flow a new show every hour, starting next Monday at 11:00 AM - Las Vegas time. For a complete list of companies and guests, visit - NABShowBuzz.com. Over the course of four days, we'll interview almost 100 industry leaders about the latest in technology.

Listen in, then chat with us on Twitter and let us know what you think.

Apple, however, was not content to wait for NAB. Um, not that it ever did, actually. Earlier this week, it released maintenance updates for Final Cut Pro X, Compressor and iMovie. My lead story today discusses what is in the new versions. My standard recommendation on updates remains: Be sure to turn off Automatic Updating in System Preferences > App Store so you don't get surprised by an unexpected update. And don't update if you are near the end of a project. Finish the project, THEN update. There's no harm in waiting.

Thinking of the Digital Production Buzz, reminds me of an interview with Alexis Van Hurkman on last week's show. The entire show was devoted to color and color grading. Last week, Alexis finished shooting a film that was a test to see how HDR changes the production and post process. His interview was fascinating - listen to it here - but as we talked Alexis told me about an article he wrote detailing what he's learned about color-grading HDR. I found it fascinating, as I do most of Alexis' writing, so I'm sharing it with you this week.

And, with NAB comes a wide variety of major product announcements. I'm currently under NDA on a really BIG one - but the lid comes off this Wednesday. Join me for my SUPER-SECRET weekly webinar this Wednesday. Become the first in the world to see this. Now, I'm not announcing the cure to cancer or world peace, but this is very cool stuff! Registration is free - sign up here. Seats are limited. You'll have fun.

I look forward to talking with you from NAB starting next Monday. In the meantime, enjoy the spring and edit well.

Last Week On The Buzz!

Last week's show talked color, color grading and how they drive emotions.

   * Stephen Nakamura
   * Duncan Russell
   * Brad Malcolm
   * Jordan Snider
   * Alexis Van Hurkman
   * James DeRuvo

started us off by explaining the basics of color grading. Then, Duncan shared how color affects emotions, Brad discussed what makes a picture perfect, and Jordan told why its important to bring color grading on set. Then Alexis wrapped it all up with a look at the challenges and benefits of shooting and editing HDR. Finally, James presented the weekly DoddleNEWS update.
Listen or read each full episode here.

Text transcripts provided by Take1.tv. Read the written transcript for this week's show here. (Available Tuesday, after the holiday.)

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Super-Secret Webinar
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While I can't talk about it - yet - I can tell you that it will make big news once the doors of the 2017 NAB Show open. And you can see it first right here. In fact, you'll see it here before anyone else in the world sees it.

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