April 2, 2018

The 2018 NAB Show opens a week from today. And, when you read next week's issue, I'll be in Las Vegas sharing all the latest news with you via NABShowBuzz.com. I'm looking forward to it.

This week, I have some exciting news: to extend our NAB coverage, we have teamed up with CinaMaker and Simon Says for NAB.

CinaMaker is launching a new multicam video streaming service for mobile devices at NAB. As part of the launch, the Digital Production Buzz will originate one show each day from the CinaMaker booth. At 2 PM Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we will be streaming both live video AND live audio. You can watch on NABShowBuzz.com.

Then, once a show is complete, we're sending the audio over to Simon Says for near-real-time transcription. Simon Says is an end-to-end auto-transcription tool for the media and production industries. Upload any audio/video file via their API or website and in minutes, using AI and speech recognition, it is transcribed and synced using timecode. They will be transcribing 2-3 shows per day of The Buzz at NAB, then posting the transcripts to our NABShowBuzz website.

One of the cool features of the Simon Says software is that you can watch the text scroll past as you are listening to the show.

We are delighted to be working with both these companies and showcasing their technology as part of our NAB coverage. As always, let me know what you think of the service.

Oh! Scott Newall sent me the following heads-up: "I just want to share this with you. I was editing a corporate video and had several video clips that needed blurring, masking, etc., while the client wanted a lower-left small logo over the whole thing. Soon, the project crashed FCP X every time I loaded it. Every time. Turned out it was a transparent PSD file that FCP X didn't like at all, especially when combined with the blurs and masks. When I converted the logo to a transparent PNG, the problem was solved." (Thanks for letting me know, Scott.)

Thinking of technology, I have five new articles for you this week: two product reviews, a thought-piece on storage (which you should to read even if you hate storage), and two videos on Apple Compressor.

The Compressor videos are excerpts from last week's webinar: " Compression Basics in Apple Compressor." This session wrapped up our "Back to Basics" month where I presented an overview of editing and media compression using Adobe Premiere Pro and Media Encoder, then Apple Final Cut Pro X and Compressor. Webinars are taking a break in April to allow me to prepare for NAB. I'll be back later in the month to present some of the cool new stuff that's announced at the show.

Don't forget to listen to last week's Digital Production Buzz. Mike Horton provided a preview of the upcoming SuperMeet, then, we discussed using Jungle Software to manage your next production, renting gear from LensProToGo, and how Mandy.com can help you find your next free-lance gig; or free-lancer.  It was a fun show, I encourage you to listen.

A reminder: we have big plans this spring for our sister website, DoddleNEWS.com. We'll be announcing one of them at NAB next week.  Anyway, James DeRuvo, who's the editor-in-chief over there, is running a Reader's Survey that he's using to help determine the editorial direction of the website. It's only ten questions, and he'd be grateful if you would spare a few minutes to answer the survey. Here's the link.

Next week, my team and I will be setting up our podcast booth at NAB for live streaming. In next Monday's newsletter, I'll have a detailed blog of what are doing, the equipment we are using and the workflow we've designed that allows us to create twenty-seven 45-minute shows in three-and-a-half days. Follow all the action at NABShowBuzz.com.

And remember to stop by our booth at NAB to say: "Hello!"  We're in South Lower SL-10527. In the meantime, edit well.  

Last Week On The Buzz!
We talked with companies who can help us with production planning, renting gear and finding the right people both in front of and behind the camera. Plus, we have an inside look at the upcoming SuperMeet at NAB!

* Mike Horton, SuperMeet
* Paul Friedman, LensProToGo
* Aaton Cohen-Sitt, Jungle Soft.
* Steve Lack, Mandy.com
* James DeRuvo, DoddleNEWS
Listen or read each full episode here.

Text transcripts provided by Take1.tv.

New shows air live every Thursday evening at 6:00 PM Los Angeles time.

Tune in live here.
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Compression Basics in
Apple Compressor
Shooting and editing are just the first part of the production process. If you screw up compression, all the hard work that went before is lost. This session explains what you need to know to make your finished video look great.

* Basic compression terms
* Compress a file for social media
* How and why to adjust custom
   compression settings
* Add watermarks and effects
* Use Droplets for automation 
Available for download in our store and in Larry's Video Training Library

Webinars on Hiatus
Our Weekly Webinars are on hiatus for the next few weeks so we can focus on covering all the news coming out of the 2018 NAB Show.

Larry will announce new webinars in his weekly newsletter.

In the meantime, visit our store and check out more than 250 currently-available training titles.  
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» Storage: We've Come a LONG Way! (Commentary)
   » Storage, like other technology, does not stand still. But... how FAST it moves!  
» Apple Compressor: Create a Custom Location (Video Tutorial)
   » Speed compression tasks by creating custom compression locations.

» Apple Compressor: Modify Audio Compression Settings (Video Tutorial)
   » Part of "The Basics of Editing" is adjusting where two clips touch.  
» Product Review: idustrial revolution Smooth Glass Slideshow (Review)
   » An example of how high-end features are using iPads and storyboards.

» First Look - AudioFix Pro: For Videos (Review)
    » An iOS app that improves audio recorded with video.

» Reader Poll: DoddleNEWS.com (DoddleNEWS)
   » A chance to share your opinions on the kind of news you want to read.  
» EQ: Warm a Voice,
   Improve Clarity

Premiere Pro: The
   New Font Menu

» Configure an iMac
   Pro for Editing

»  FCP X: Create an
   Adjustment Layer

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» 250: Basics of Editing
   in Apple Final Cut Pro X

» 249: Compression
   Basics in Media Encoder

» Apple Final Cut Pro X
   10.4 Complete

» 248: Basics of Editing
   in Premiere Pro CC

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» Stefan Lederer: Net
   Neutrality Issues

» Mike Horton:
   SuperMeet at NAB

» Mark Harrison: The
   Ambiguity in the Future

» Douglas Sheer: Media -
   Rough Times Ahead

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