April 29, 2019

I have four new articles for you this week; plus an updated article. These cover a range of subjects: for Mac people, Premiere people, Final Cut people and people who like to think. Hopefully you're in at least one of those groups!

There's not a lot going on this week. With NAB over, new announcements are over as well, as everyone focuses on getting their new products finished and released.

One of the issues we've been covering on the Digital Production Buzz is the ongoing battle between the Writers Guild and talent agencies. The issue is pretty arcane, but boils down to: "Who gets the money?" Jonathan Handel, entertainment labor reporter for "The Hollywood Reporter" is doing an outstanding job covering this for The Buzz and the industry in general. Almost 90% of working writers have fired their agents as the issue moves to the courts. While this may not directly apply to you, both SAG and the DGA are watching this very closely. Which means this will probably have a significant industry impact later this year and in the spring when Guild contracts are up for renegotiation. To learn more about what's going on, please listen to Jonathan's segment on last week's show.

We also featured a senior sound designer at AudioWorks talking about his work, the latest news from Assimilate and how to balance automated vs. manual transcription from the folks at Take1. It was a fascinating show! Listen here.

I received a lot of comments on my blog last week: " The Perils of Paid Reviews." This week, Clayton Moore wrote a guest blog reflecting further on this. I'm including links to both articles this week because several people wrote very insightful comments on my first blog that I want to share with you as well.

Other articles include a closer look at Generators in Final Cut, a new feature in Premiere that simplifies setting audio levels and a utility that allows us to rename files more quickly.

Until next week, edit well.

Last Week on The Buzz
On this episode of The Buzz, we  update the tectonic fight between writers and agents that's creating havoc in Hollywood. Then, we look at the world of text transcripts and how AI is transforming an industry.  
Along the way, we'll also cover sound design and and better DIT workflows.
* Jonathan Handel,
   "The Hollywood Reporter"  
* Dom Bourne, Take1.tv
* Julian Evans, AudioWorks
* Jeff Edson, Assimilate 
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» The Perils of Paid Reviews (updated) ( Commentary)
   » Paid reviews are proliferating. This trend hurts all of us. Sigh...

» A World of Unintended Consequences ( Guest Commentary)
   » Clayton Moore writes on dealing with technology causing consequences.

» Final Cut Pro X: Fun with Generators ( Tutorial)
   » An illustrated tutorial on cool things to do with Generators.

» Premiere Pro CC: How to Use Auto-Ducking ( Tutorial)
   » This new feature provides a very fast way to set audio levels.

» Product Review: A Better Way to Rename Files ( Review)
   » A detailed look at Better Rename 10, for all Mac users.
» EQ: Warm a Voice
   and Improve Clarity

» Configure a Mac mini
   for Video Editing

» Premiere Pro CC:
   The New Font Menu

» Create a Dual-Boot
   macOS System Disk

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