Mar. 27, 2017

The annual NAB Show is three weeks away. I was reflecting on that this morning as I was thinking about this newsletter. Twice a year - at NAB and, again, at IBC - our industry evolves into a new direction. Sometimes, it seems purposeful, sometimes more like a lurch, but life is never the same after each of these shows.

I'm expecting big news surrounding augmented reality, storage, collaboration, cloud-based editing, and lots of new gear. One of the things I enjoy the most is talking with the people moving our industry forward as part of our Digital Production Buzz coverage of NAB. This year, we are producing more shows and interviewing more people than ever before. Even if you can't make NAB, you can still hear from the newsmakers themselves directly during the show. Here's the link - - live shows start Monday, April 24, at 11:00 AM.

This week wraps up our six-part series on Apple Motion 5.3. I've had a lot of fun putting this together, rediscovering tools and techniques I'd forgotten, and thinking of better ways to explain how the software works. This week, we will look at 3D in Motion. We start with 3D text, then add lights, cameras, sets and movement. If you haven't joined us yet, stop by and watch. Registration is always free for our live events. Sign-up here.

Oh!  We've added a major new feature to our Video Training Library. Premium Level subscribers can now download practice media and/or practice files associated with my training. This has been the MOST requested feature over the last two years and we finally completed the programming that makes this possible. Premium members were sent an email earlier this week. Any member can upgrade their membership at any time - click here for instructions. Premium members, in addition to accessing practice media, also quality to download one webinar per month for FREE!  (This, alone, is a $300 value!) Click here to learn more.

Returning to thinking about NAB, I realized that the first part of April is always the calm before the storm. Everyone is saving their announcements for the show, with updates and new versions waiting for their moment in the sun. In other words, there's not a lot happening right how. However, "not a lot" is not the same as "nothing." Apple released a new version of Mac OS this last week, featuring Night Shift. This is a good idea, except for video editors, because is screws up the color of your monitor, which is NOT what you want when you are color grading a project. So, I have an article on how to turn it off.

Then, I have an updated article explaining codecs and why we should care. Now, codecs may not be your favorite subject (and I am NOT thinking about Mike Horton as I write this) but codecs are essential to all our shooting and editing. This piece puts them into perspective and explains the basics so that you can make more informed decisions to improve the quality and efficiency of your projects.

Next, I have two articles on creating templates in Motion that we can use in Final Cut Pro X. These are excerpts from last week's webinar and I think you'll find them very informative. In fact, last week, we covered a number of techniques that you can use to save time when you are editing.

Finally, Danny Santos has a multi-part series on directing actors running on DoddleNEWS that I found very interesting. I have a link to part 1 in my Articles section and Danny has five parts created so far. Definitely a quick and worthwhile read.

Spring started last week, and later this month we celebrate with new birth in our industry. It is an exciting time! Until next week, edit well.

Last Week On The Buzz!

Our latest show was a grab-bag of cool new stuff. Our guests were:

   * Zach Lipovsky
   * Michele Yamazaki
   * Robert Cohen
   * Damian Allen
  * Linda Tadic
  * James DeRuvo

began by showcasing "Shot Lister," an app he wrote to create and organize shot lists. Michele shared the latest news on new plug-ins. Robert has developed new gear for live, multicam productions, Damian created "Coffee-Break Film School," and Linda presented a very nice archiving system for smaller productions. Finally, James presented the weekly DoddleNEWS update.
Listen or read each full episode here.

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Integrate Apple Final Cut Pro X
with Apple Motion 5.3
In part 5 of our six-part series on Apple Motion, we look at how to create effects in Motion to be used inside Apple Final Cut Pro X. In this session we cover how to:

* Create templates for titles
* Create templates for transitions
* Create templates for generators
* Create templates for effects
* Publish simple controls
* Use widgets and rigging
* Modify existing FCP X effects

This is the fifth in a six-part series.

This is available as a download, or as part of our Video Training Library
Explore 3D Space in
Apple Motion 5.3
In the final part of our six-part series on Apple Motion, we look at 3D space. Motion is described as "two-and-a-half-D", meaning that not everything is 3D. But some is - specifically:

* 3D Text
* Particles
* Lights
* Cameras
* Sets
* Movement

This series is designed for both new and existing users, though you will benefit from watching Part 1 first.

Registration for live shows is always FREE - sign up here today! 
» How to Turn Night Shift On or Off in Mac OS 10.12.4 ( Tutorial)
   » This short, illustrated tutorial shows how to access the controls.  

 » Understanding Codecs - And Why They Are Important ( Article)
   » Codecs may seem boring, but they are also essential. You need to read this.

» Motion 5.3: Create a Title Template for FCP X ( Video)
   » A detailed look at how to create, format, and publish a template for FCP X.
» Motion 5.3: Publish Controls for FCP X Templates ( Video)
   » Create effects in Motion, then send controls to FCP X for final adjustment. 
» Firmware Updates from Atomos, Sony and Canon ( DoddleNEWS)
   » Lots of new updates this week. 
» Directing Actors: Part 1 - Action-based Directing ( DoddleNEWS)
   » Part 1 of Danny Santos' series on directing actors. Worth reading. 
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» The 2016 MacBook Pro - Fast Enough?

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