NEWS - April 5, 2021
My lead story is a product review that each of us could use - small, high-quality, portable lighting. I bought these for myself a week ago and the more I use them, the more I like them.

In other tutorials, I have a very cool visual effect trick for Final Cut Pro, color correction tips for Adobe Premiere Pro and editing tips for Adobe Audition. Here's a tutorial that I particularly like: A one-click trick to color correcting images.

Turning to the news: 

Photon introduced a new, 3D color grading tool that defines the colors in your image as a 3D "spindle." This distributes a point cloud of the colors in your image across a shape that gives you an instant visual representation of where colors and tonality are in the color space. Adjustments are click-and-drag. Runs on Mac or Windows.

The Olympic Games website has a detailed report on how the pandemic has changed plans for broadcast coverage of the Tokyo 2020 games. Not surprisingly, innovation is taking the lead.

Apple announced its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will run June 7 - 11. Like last year, this will be online and free to all. While the developer breakouts tend to be really intense, the keynote is worth adding to your calendar.

I just heard of a new live streaming option: YoloBox from YoloLiv. It's an all-in-one system providing switching for up to four cameras plus two more video sources, encoding, recording and monitoring. All for less than $900 and without requiring a computer.

Contour Designs updated their mouse drivers, which is great because now my Unimouse works with Big Sur. The upgrade is free.

Last week's webinar: "Color Fundamentals in Adobe Premiere Pro" was a lot of fun to present. We covered color basics, plus what you need to fix problems quickly and easily. (In fact, I have excerpts from this session for you this week.)

So, in this week's webinar, we go deeper into color with "Advanced Color Techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro." We'll look at how color scopes work, correct skin tones, create secondary corrections to fix problems, look at the new Hue/Saturation curves, masks, tracking and other high-end tools. As always, registration is free

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My lead tutorial is a highly flexible way to control the shape and placement of a video inserted into another video - think Zoom movies. This supports unlimited shapes, sizes, inserts and effects. Best of all, it is easy to do in Final Cut Pro.

Another tutorial came from a reader who was looking for a more efficient way to edit audio in Audition. They create podcasts frequently and need to save as much time as possible. Here's a variety of techniques to get audio work done faster.

With the announcement of WWDC 2021, the season of new products from Apple is finally starting. I'm especially excited about their move into the new Apple silicon computers - though these are likely a few months off. Still, the possibility of new hardware is always exciting. 

New gear, combined with a new season, warmer temperatures and, hopefully, lower infection rates - means that, with more luck and hard work, we may finally be on the upside of this pandemic. I sure hope so. In the meantime, stay healthy, stay safe, and stay hopeful.

Edit well.
» Product Review: Lume Cube Broadcast Lighting Kit (Review)
» Solidly built, easily adjustable, perfect for small spaces. A review.

» A Fast Way to Color Correct an Image in Premiere (Video Tutorial)
» This automated tool makes corrections one-click easy.

» Faster, Better Image Compositing in Final Cut Pro (Tutorial)
» Add multiple shapes, sizes, animation and effects - quickly & easily.

» Use Video Scopes to Analyze Images in Premiere (Video Tutorial)
» A detailed tutorial on how to use video scopes to evaluate your media.

» How to Use the New Comparison View in Premiere (Video Tutorial)
» This is a great tool to use in color grading a scene.

» Faster Multi-track Editing in Adobe Audition (Tutorial)
» A series of techniques to make audio editing more efficient.
Advanced Color Techniques in Premiere Pro
* Color Wheels
* Manual color correction - including skin tones
* Hue/Saturation curves & secondary color correction
* Masks, Tracking & Keyframes
* Color grading a scene

Everything you need - all in one place!
Color Fundamentals in Adobe Premiere Pro

* Illustrate key color terms
* Show how to use Lumetri video scopes
* Create color looks
* Adjust color automatically and manually
* Explore what the color wheels can do for your project

Everything you need - all in one place!
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