April 9, 2018

I'm writing this issue from the Digital Production Buzz booth at the 2018 NAB Show in Las Vegas, which opens tomorrow morning - well, later this morning, actually, now. The hall is mostly deserted, except for a few worried engineers struggling to get demos working before the doors open tomorrow. I know what that feels like and I don't envy them.

Hot topics at NAB this year look to be AI/machine learning in a wide variety of guises, HDR will be everywhere from software to monitors, VR will be present but I'm not sure how big it will be. We'll hear a lot about video and audio over IP, new 4K and 8K cameras - including a pocket 4K cinema camera from Blackmagic Design that has a poster the size of a four-story building promoting it today on the South Hall.

I've got LOTS of news in this issue, including an article that you MUST read on Adobe's announcement of discontinued support for older codecs. There is a major sea-change coming and you need to know about it before it arrives. More on this in a minute.

Several notes, though details will need to wait until I get home:
  • idustrial Revolution is providing several free animated text templates for FCP X. Click here to learn more.
  • KeyFlow Pro has updated to version 2.0 with several important new features. Click here.
  • Zoom has announced an new F1 digital audio package. Click here.
And there's lots more news to come. Shortly after this newsletter is released, the flood-gates will open. Expect new releases and news from Apple, Atomos, and lots more companies as the day wears on.

Webinars remain on hiatus for April so we can cover NAB. I have a blog that takes you behind the scenes of what we are doing here at the show. Visit NABShowBuzz.com to learn more - 27 hours of live programming in four days. And all of this is in addition to our weekly show which, last week, was a preview of what to expect at NAB, while this week's show will be the highlights of our NAB coverage.

Finally, I have articles covering the new Adobe releases, which shipped last week, the new Apple announcements, which will release today. An in-depth look at the new Apple ProRes RAW, along with announcements from Atomos and DJI to support it.

Finally, and this is important, Adobe announced that several older codecs will no longer be supported in their video apps. This is because Apple will no longer support 32-bit applications - OR CODECS - in future versions of the macOS. Adobe's announcement is the tip of the iceberg. Shortly, we will be facing the need to convert all older videos into a newer codec. NOT today, or tomorrow, but soon. This means that you need to pay attention to what's going on and determine which legacy media projects need to be converted and preserved.

This week's article is the start of that process. I've reached out to Apple to learn more specifically about what their plans are and will keep you informed as I learn more. In the meantime, consider this announcement as a reason to start thinking about how much of your past you want to preserve for the future.

Well, even the carpet sweepers are done for the evening, so I'll wrap this up. Please join us at NABShowBuzz.com for our NAB coverage. I'll also have more blogs during the week to share what we are doing and learning during the show. 

And remember to stop by our booth at NAB to say: "Hello!"  We're in South Lower SL-10527. In the meantime, edit well.  

Last Week On The Buzz!
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