Aug. 10, 2020

A product review of a pretty amazing product, plus SIX new tutorials this week! 

Not a lot of news this week, but two notices crossed my desk that I want to share with you. The team at IPV interviewed four leading creative agencies about how they are overcoming remote workflows. Not surprisingly, it's been a struggle. Here's a link to their free report.

I missed the initial announcement, but Michael Kammes pointed me to the news that Netflix, not content to shake up movie distribution, has decided that the VFX industry doesn't have enough stress. So they announced NetFX, a cloud-based platform to make it easier for vendors, artists and creators to "connect and collaborate creatively on visual effects (VFX)." The system is in beta now.

Larry's book on Amazon

Turning to my news, my book - Techniques of Visual Persuasion - is released and available at! I am thrilled at the reactions I'm getting from early readers. As Joe wrote: "This should be required reading for everyone in our industry." The book explains fundamentals of persuasion, creating effective presentations, Photoshop and video editing, along with motion graphics. Here's the link - please tell your friends this is available:

My webinars are taking a break for a few weeks to allow me time to get ready to start the fall semester. In the meantime, I posted both of last week's "Ask Larry Anything" sessions to our Video Training Library. This is a collection of ALL my video training - more than 2,000 movies!! - available for only $19.99 per month. Now is a great time to join. You've got lots of subjects to choose from!

Turning to my latest tutorials, my lead story is a video demo showing how to color match video shot on different cameras. This is an excerpt from my recent "Ask Larry Anything" webinar which drew a lot of praise when I presented it.

Next, Michael Kammes called my attention to a Final Cut utility called CommandPost. I had time this week to take a closer look and I'm very impressed. My review is below - this is a free app that needs to be part of your toolkit.

I haven't forgotten readers who are Premiere editors. I was playing with blend modes in Premiere and discovered there's a lot we can do with these that doesn't involve text. The link is below in the Articles section.

I have a detailed look at LUTs in FCP X, how to remove "fuzzy edges" from chroma-keys and demos of software that can help you catalog and find media files. Lots of things to learn this week - all links are below in Articles.

Schools are reopening across the country. Some, in-person, even more online. I've discovered there are major challenges - both emotional and intellectual - when teaching online. Online is much harder - a cross between performance art and texting. Our audience is once-removed, hard to motivate and easily distracted. As you look for new ways to apply your skills, consider offering media coaching to teachers to boost their video skills. Most consider video intimidating and difficult. Their students would be grateful, too. Oh, and remind them to use a good mic!

That's it for this week. I always enjoy hearing from you - feel free to suggest ideas. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy ...  and edit well
» FCP X: How to Color Match Video Shot on Different Cameras (Video Tutorial)
   » This illustrates how to use different color tools and scopes to match shots.

» First Look: CommandPost - An Amazing Toolkit (Tutorial)
   » This is a free, flexible, and powerful tool for both Finder and Final Cut Pro X.

» Premiere Pro: Blend Mode Tricks (Tutorial)
   » Examples of how to use blend modes for texture, scenes and fixing exposure.

» Software to Catalog and Find Media Files (Video Tutorial)
   » Larry discusses cataloging and demos "Image Chest" and "Kyno" software.

» FCP X: How and When to Use the Custom LUT Effect (Tutorial)
   » Final Cut provides two ways to apply LUTs - this presents the Custom LUT effect.

» FCPX: Use LUTs to Color Grade Video (Video Tutorial)
   » This illustrates how to add LUTs in the Inspector, then color grade media.

» FCP X: How to Remove "Fuzzy Edges" from a Chroma-key (Video Tutorial)
   »  There's a setting in the Keyer effect that can lead you astray. Learn more. 
The Basics of Editing
in Adobe Premiere Pro
The Basics of Editing
in Apple Final Cut Pro X
This 4-part series goes in-depth with:
* Plan & Organize
* Import Media
* Edit & Trim
* Audio
* Effects
* And much more
Everything you need - all in one place.

This 4-part series goes in-depth with:
* Plan & Organize
* Import Media
* Edit & Trim
* Audio
* Effects
* And much more

Everything you need - all in one place.

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