Aug. 13, 2018

It is exactly four weeks until IBC 2018 in Amsterdam. Every hardware and software developer has their collective heads down, prepping the next iteration of  tools for IBC.

Which means that right now, in the dead center of summer, it is pretty darn quiet. Really quiet. Really, really, really quiet.  I mean, there's NOTHING going on!

Which makes it hard to come up with new articles to write. Made me start wishing things would start speeding up. Thinking of speed, made me think of keyboard shortcuts. Which brings me to my new articles this week: Creating keyboard shortcuts for Premiere, Final Cut and any other application you want.

Whew. It took me hours to make all those connections.  But the articles are cool. OH! I also have a blog on the intersection of technology with education. They are all in the Articles section, below.

Webinars are on vacation until September, but there are hundreds of titles in our store or video training library that I encourage you to watch. Feel free to check out our earlier titles, some of my favorites are older, but still relevant. For example, these Edit Skills titles: Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro CC.  These are perfect for people who want to refresh their craft skills.

The Digital Production Buzz had a great show last week: Technology and Education. In case you haven't noticed, education has adopted online training in a big way - similar to my webinars, except with college credit. However, there are downsides to this new technology. We talk with three organizations providing training to middle school, college and adult students. It was a fun series of conversations. Listen to the show here.

School starts for me in one week, so I'm going to enjoy my last week of summer vacation, because, really, there's nothing going on. Till next week, edit well .

Last Week On The Buzz!
The classroom is evolving and tonight we look at how technology is used in education; both in the classroom and online. Are we using technology to teach or teaching technology - and is there an educational difference between online vs. in-classroom education?    
* Van Bedient, Adobe
* Brian Gaffney, SMPTE
* Patrick Dent, USC
* Holly Ludgate, Full Sail Labs 
* James Deruvo, DoddleNEWS 
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Listen to this week's show here.
Color Correction and Grading in
Apple Final Cut Pro X
Color correction and color grading are the final steps in making our images look their best. In this session, Larry Jordan takes a closer look at the enhanced color tools in Final Cut Pro 10.4 and illustrates how to use them on your images.
* Learn the basics of color
* Analyze images using video scopes
* Learn automatic color correction
* Use new manual color tools to repair
   problems and create looks
* Use keyframes to modify color looks
Download your copy here.  

Webinars Taking an August Break
Webinars are taking a summer break for August.  
We'll return in September, but webinars won't be on a Wednesday.
In the meantime, we have hundreds of hours of training on both Adobe and Apple products in our store.
Take a look - I'm sure you'll find something you'd like to learn.
» Education and Technology: A Constant Distraction (Commentary)
   » Technology is a multi-edged sword - especially in education.
» Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts for Apple Final Cut Pro X (Tutorial)
   » An illustrated tutorial on how to create, modify and delete shortcuts.

» Create Custom Keyboard Shortc uts for Adobe Premiere Pro CC (Tutorial)
   » An illustrated tutorial on how to create, modify and delete shortcuts.

» Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts for Any Application (Tutorial)
   » An illustrated tutorial on how to create, modify and delete shortcuts.
» EQ: Warm a Voice,
   Improve Clarity

   The New Font Menu

» FCP X: Create an
   Adjustment Layer

» Product Review:  
   Blackmagic eGPU 

» View tutorials here

» 261: Color Correction 
   in Final Cut Pro X

» 257: Using Roles in
   Final Cut Pro X

» Apple Final Cut Pro X:

» 260: Manage Media
   for Video Editing

» View all webinars here
» Jakob Ballinger: Light
   Bridge - Quality of Light
» Brian Gaffney: SMPTE -
ngineer Education 
» Dave Willard: Great
   Audio at a Great Price  
» Jess Hartmann: Promax
   Tools for Backup  
» View all interviews here
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