Aug. 3, 2020

It's the dog-days of summer - but, somehow, that relaxed feeling is, ah, missing. So, let's distract ourselves with some news and cool tutorials. First, the news.

Sony announced their latest full-frame mirrorless camera: Alpha 7s III that shoots 4K video. Professional video functions include XAVC S Full HD recording at 50Mbps, time code and optional XLR audio inputs, along with RAW output supporting up to 4K/60 fps.

At the same time, Atomos announced 4K ProRes RAW recording support for Sony's Alpha 7s III and 6K RAW recording for Panasonic Lumix SiH. ( Philip Bloom provided a lovely video, shot with the Sony, about paddle-boarding on the Thames that makes me want to get back to the water.)

Misha Tenenbaum, CEO of, announced the launch of EditMentor, the first online software designed to teach editing interactively. With EditMentor, students solve creative challenges by manipulating a browser-based editing application. Students submit their answers and instantly receive guidance. I am a long-time fan of Misha and his work. I've seen demos of pre-release versions of EditMentor. It is worth checking out. Teachers can sign up for free accounts.

Integrated Media Technologies Inc. announced the launch of SoDA, a state of the art enterprise software application designed to seamlessly manage and automate file movement in and out of the Cloud, and deliver actionable insight into the costs for local and cloud storage.

Craig Stadler, CEO of, announced that their privacy-centric video search engine - Petey Vid - has indexed more than half-a-billion videos. Searching across 70+ video platforms, "Petey Vid offers unique and independent media content that cannot be found via other video search engines." (Press release)


Turning to my news, I wrapped up our four-part series on " The Basics of Editing with Apple Final Cut Pro X." I've now created two training bundles - one for Premiere and the other for Final Cut. Both are available in my store or our Video Training Library. Thanks to everyone who participated, these were fun to present!

Next week, I'm hosting an " Ask Larry Anything" webinar session. Ask any question and I'll do my best to provide an answer. To give me time to research, email me your questions and let me know which presentation you plan to attend - 9 AM or 12 PM (LA time). I enjoy these sessions. Registration, as always, is free.

I have several new and updated tutorials for you this week. My lead story came from my brother, John, asking my advice about recording audio books. As I wrote, I discovered I had a LOT of advice, so I turned it into my lead article today.

Next, I have three excerpts from last week's webinar on effects in Final Cut Pro X: speed effects, keyframes and generators. You'll find links to all of these in the Articles section, below.

Last week, Blackmagic Design released their new 12K URSA Mini camera. 12K certainly got my attention. But... there's more to this camera than meets the eye (so to speak). Simon Windham, writing for RedSharkNews, had a very interesting analysis on this camera. I have a key highlight from his article

Finally, I have two updated articles - one explaining how to do extreme slow motion in Final Cut Pro X and the other details an editing workflow that can save you time and money and works for all NLEs.

As I listen to all the shouting these days, it reminds me just how precious is the ability to communicate. Shouting puts the focus on the shouter. Communication puts the focus on the listener. A key skill that each of us has is the ability to listen, learn and communicate. That skill remains in short supply - and more needed than ever.

Stay safe, stay healthy  and   edit well
» Improve Your Voice-Over Techniques ( Tutorial)
   » Voice-over combines acting with technology to create magic. Here's some tips.

» FCP X: How to Use Keyframes to Create Animation (Video tutorial)
   » Here I show how to create, modify and use keyframes to create animation.

» FCP X: How to Use Generators with Infographics (Video tutorial)
   » How to find, use and modify generators, then use with an infographic.

» FCPX: Speed Changes - From Hold Frames to Speed Ramps (Video tutorial)
   » How to create a variety of speed change effects to video clips.

» FCP X: The Automatic Speed Effect (Tutorial)
   » This enables extremely slow motion - provided you know how it works.

» An Editing Workflow to Save Time & Money (Tutorial)
   » A 12-step workflow to help you organize your time and save money.

» The "Real" Reasons Behind BMD's 12K Camera (Commentary)
   » This is an excerpt from a longer article written by Simon Wyndham.
The Basics of Editing
in Adobe Premiere Pro
The Basics of Editing
in Apple Final Cut Pro X
This 4-part series goes in-depth with:
* Plan & Organize
* Import Media
* Edit & Trim
* Audio
* Effects
* And much more
Everything you need - all in one place.

This 4-part series goes in-depth with:
* Plan & Organize
* Import Media
* Edit & Trim
* Audio
* Effects
* And much more

Everything you need - all in one place.

»  EQ : Warm a Voice & Improve Clarity

» Pick the Right Version of ProRes

» When to use H.264 vs. HEVC

» Edit Vertical Video in FCP X

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