Aug. 7, 2017

I had a great time last week in Beijing, China. It was my first trip to that country and, in addition to visiting with my daughter and her family, I enjoyed playing tourist and discovering a whole new part of the world. Now, I'm back and trying to figure out how to get my sleep back on track.

This week, I'll start with an announcement. Over the years, I've created almost 1,700 video training movies. It is important to me that video editors and media creators have access to the tools they need to improve their skills. Our technological world is not getting simpler - while the tools we use may, our workflows and competitive challenges are not. Because enabling you to do your best is at the heart of why I teach, we are changing the pricing for all the downloadable titles in our store.

Starting August 1, all webinars that are one year old or newer are now $19.97 (US). Webinars that are one year old, but less than two years old, are now $12.99 (US). And all older titles are now $9.99. (All our FCP 7 tutorials are now $4.99 (US).) As you'll discover, many of our older titles contain highly relevant information because the software they cover hasn't changed recently.

It is my hope that this new pricing gives you an incentive to explore our back catalog as well as reduce the cost of keeping your knowledge current.

Also, I'm always looking for ideas to cover on upcoming webinars. If you have a subject you'd like to learn about, please send me an email.

And, thinking of webinars, we are restarting them this week after my vacation with one of my favorite subjects: color correction. This week, I'm presenting the new Lumetri Color Panel in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, along with the fundamentals of color correction. If you are looking for ways to make your images look better, please sign up for your session. Past students have told me that this material has changed their life. And, as always, all our live webinars are free. Sign up here.

My lead story this week covers a problem in GoPro Studio, along with some export issues in Apple Final Cut Pro X. If you use GoPro cameras or their conversion software, you need to read this article.

Then, I have a collection of articles suggested by readers, including an in-depth look at the automated text transcripts provided by Simon Says, a new version of Kyno (and a sale), and two new FCP X plug-ins from FX Factory.

Finally, our sister website - DoddleNEWS - is running a series of tutorials on Adobe Premiere Pro CC. I've adding a link to the first in the series, which you might find interesting reading.

Until next week, edit well.  

Last Week On The Buzz!

This week we look at how to build your audience. Everyone creating content - from films to music to images - needs to present it to an audience. This week, our guests have lots of advice on how to use today's technology to attract and hold an audience.

  * Griffin Hammond, filmmaker
  * Scott Page
, musician
  * Maxim Jago
, filmmaker
* James DeRuvo, DoddleNEWS

Griffin looked at how to build an audience for podcasts. Scott examined social media tools to find and build audiences. While Maxim looked at opportunities in 360/VR video. Finally,
James presented our weekly DoddleNEWS Update and the highlights from SIGGRAPH 2017. 
Listen or read each full episode here.

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Last Week: Multicam Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Multicam is more and more popular; and not just for concerts.

This session looks at everything you need  to successfully create, edit and modify multicam clips inside Adobe Premiere Pro. Including:

* Multicam shooting basics
* File organization
* Create & modify multicam clips
* Edit & trim multicam clips
* Effects and multicam clips

Available Now!
Download the video here.
- or - become a member of our Video Training Library - 1,600+ movies!! 
Adobe Premiere Pro CC:
The Lumetri Color Panel
Color correction is part art, part science and part applied technology. But how does it work? And how can we make our images look GREAT?

This week, Larry Jordan covers:

* Color correction fundamentals
* What the Lumetri color panel is
* How the different settings work
* How to use presets
* How to repair poor color
* How to create custom looks

Registration is FREE!

Sign up here.
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