Dec. 10, 2018

My new Mac mini finally arrived this week, so I've spent a lot of time thinking about media management and media compression - how to do it faster, with more automation, even how to off-load compression tasks to the network. I have three new articles that talk about that this week for both Apple and Adobe fans.

Following my disappearing legacy media concerns from last week. I'm getting briefed this week to learn more about what's going on. At which point, I'll write it up. Whenever my article appears, you'll find it here. My goal is to find out more specifics, then share them with you so we can plan this together.

Lots of other interesting news crossed my desk this week:

SMPTE is offering a new online course: "High-Dynamic-Range ( HDR) Technology and Workflows for Media and Entertainment." Led by instructor Pierre Routhier, who is an advanced imaging specialist, this course will cover critical concepts and practical considerations across the HDR workflow, from mastering to production, distribution, and viewing. Learn more here.

Litiholo, a division of Liti Holographics, today announced that Barnes & Noble will be carrying their Hologram Kit in stores nationwide. This is the first time a DIY hologram-making kit has been offered at retail stores. Litiholo is creating a new category to teach individuals how to make their own holograms. We've all seen holograms used in high-end events, here's a chance to learn more about this technology. It retails for $130. Here's the link.

Forbidden Technologies announced a professional-level cloud video editor in JavaScript. I'm not sure if this is good or bad news - Javascript is not known for its security or speed. Now, according to the company, all you need to edit video is a web browser. It's called Blackbird and you can learn more here.

Thinking of learning new things. we are trying something new with webinars for the holidays. I'm running a four-part series " The Craft of Editing" starting Thursday till Jan. 6, 2019. Specifically designed for new or self-taught editors, this four-part series can help polish your editing skills and learn new ones. Registration is FREE. Sign up for all four sessions and join me each Thursday mornings during the holidays. Sign up here.

The Digital Production Buzz had fascinating show last week - talking with producers about the current state of production. We talked with Bob Bain, David Tillman and JJ Kelley and got their thoughts on what's good, what's bad and what's the same old thing in production. I was especially impressed with Bob's thoughts on the impact millennials are having on what used to be called the broadcast audience. We are living in strange times - these conversations will help you figure it out. Listen to the show here.

Hmm... I hear my new Mac mini calling - time to go play. I'll be back next week, in the meantime, edit well .

Last Week on The Buzz
Last week on The BuZZ we turned to the evolving role of producers and the state of production today. How are producers coping with changes in audience, technology, budgets and clients?  
Listen as three experienced producers share their views of production from the inside.
* Bob Bain, Executive Producer
* David Tillman, Producer/Editor
* JJ Kelley, Producer/Correspondent 
* James DeRuvo, 
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Listen to the show here.
New Features in Final Cut Pro X
Last week, we looked at the new features in the latest releases of Apple Final Cut Pro X and Motion. Including:
* Workflow Extensions
* Comparison Viewer
* Floating Timecode Window
* Batch sharing/export
* New color tools in Motion 
Download your copy here.  
Rediscover: "The Craft of Editing"
This week starts a four-part series: "The Craft of Editing." Targeted at new and self-taught editors, this goes beyond the software into what to do with it.
Part 1: Pre-production Planning
Part 2: Editing interviews & news
Part 3: Editing a dramatic scene
Part 4: Music and multicam editing
Registration is free.  
» Apple Compressor: Automate Compression with Droplets ( Tutorial)
   » An illustrated tutorial on simplifying and speeding up media compression.

» Adobe Media Encoder: Set Up Local or Network Watch Folders ( Tutorial)
   » Watch Folders automate media compression quickly and easily. Here's how.

» Apple Compressor: Build a Media Compression Network ( Tutorial)
   » Harness the power of networked computers to compress media faster.
» EQ: Warm a Voice,
   Improve Clarity

   The New Font Menu

» Configure a Mac mini
   for Video Editing

» FCP X: Create an
   Adjustment Layer

» View tutorials here

» Apple Final Cut Pro X:
» 267: New Features in
   Final Cut Pro X 
» 251: Compression
   Basics in Compressor   
» 261: Color Correction
   in Final Cut Pro X  

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  Basics of A.I.  
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