Dec. 11, 2017

Hmm... I just looked at the calendar and it's about two weeks till Christmas. I should start thinking about my Christmas shopping. On the other hand, for the last 30 years I tend to shop on Christmas eve, so perhaps I'm being overly hasty.

I have articles and video on Final Cut, Premiere and the iPhone this week. Thinking of Final Cut, I thought I knew pretty much everything about FCP X - and you KNOW when someone says that in a script, chaos is about to break loose - so this week I surprised myself by discovering something I never knew: bundles. It's my lead story this week.

Then, our webinar last week introducing all the basic operations of Adobe Media Encoder was especially well-received, so I posted two excerpts from it this week. And the two iPhone stores revolve around using the iPhone for movie-making.

I really enjoy talking about media compression. We spend untold months writing, filming and editing our projects. Then, at the last possible second, we click "Compress" and hope that everything turns out right. There's no reason for this  blind leap. Last week's webinar will help make your projects look lovely! Download a copy here.

Thinking of webinars, this week I'm covering green-screen keys in both Premiere and Final Cut. I looked in my notes and discovered the last time I talked about this was almost two years ago. It's time to take another look at keys and masking in both applications. This is a great chance for you to compare the two tools and see which would work best for your projects.

Also, this Wednesday will be our last webinar before the holidays. Webinars will resume Wednesday, January 3, 2018, (which feels quite strange to write). And, because my teaching schedule changes next semester, I'm reverting back to my traditional two-webinars-in-a-day presentation. I always find that doing these twice improves the final results.

Don't forget to listen to the Digital Production Buzz - last week, we looked at some interesting audio gear as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the redesign of our sister website:

I look forward to chatting with you next week. In the meantime, edit well!

Last Week On The Buzz!
Tonight's show looks at the gear and techniques you can use to improve your sound. From live broadcasts to better communication to mixing, tips from tonight's guests can improve the quality of your audio immediately.
Plus, we take a behind-the-scenes look at the new DoddleNEWS website with their editor-in-chief.

 * Heath McKnight, DoddleNEWS
 * Simon Browne
, Clear-Com
 * Rob Reid
, Roland
 * Ali Ahmadi
, K-Tek
 * Michael Kammes
, KeyCode Media
 * James DeRuvo, DoddleNEWS

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Introduction to
Adobe Media Encoder
Adobe Media Encoder (AME) is at the heart of all Premiere and After Effects output. But, do you really know how it works? In this session, join host, Larry Jordan, as he walks you through the latest version of AME, including:
* Compression Basics
* Interface
* Simple and Complex Compression
* Modifying presets 
* Watch Folder Automation 
Available for download in our store and in Larry's Video Training Library
Green-Screen Keys in
Adobe Premiere & Apple Final Cut
Green-screen keys are THE go-to technique for putting actors where they can't go physically.
In this webinar, we compare Premiere with Final Cut for: 
* Simple green-screen keying
* Tweaking settings

* Solving problems
* Masks
* Multi-layer keys
This will be a fun session! And it's our last webinar before the holidays
Registration is FREE!
  * Click here to register.  
» FCP X: Export to Multiple Destinations At Once ( Tutorial)
   » Bundles are a great way to more efficient exports. 
» Adobe Media Encoder: Create a Watch Folder ( Tutorial)
   » A fast and easy way to automate media compression.  
» Adobe Media Encoder: Add a Watermark (Tutorial)
   » Suggested by this week's webinar, great way to make transition changes. 
» Moondog Labs Expands iPhone Accessory Line ( DoddleNEWS)
   » Filters, filter mounts, gimbals and more... all for the iPhone.  
» Freefly Makes the iPhone more Cinematic ( DoddleNEWS)
   » A new hand-held stabilizer for the iPhone. 
» EQ: Warm a Voice, Improve Clarity

» Configure a 2017 iMac for Video Editing

» Premiere Pro: Use Two Monitors

» APFS is Not Yet Ready for Hard Drives
» View tutorials here
» FCP X: Workflow & Editing (v. 10.3)

» Team Projects in
Adobe Premiere Pro

» 225: Simple Effects in Final Cut Pro X

» 229: Lumetri Color Panel in Premiere.

» View all webinars here
» Gary Watson: Storage Designed for Media

» Larry O'Connor: Trends in Storage Technology

» Peter Agelasto IV: Don't Get Buried in Bytes

» Greg Crosby: New Storage from G-Tech

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