NEWS - Dec. 14, 2020
Several tutorials and lots of news this week as we count down the days to the holidays. I just noticed that, with this week's articles, I've published 2,301 tutorials that extend back to 2004! I enjoy reading about issues we were worrying about 10-15 years ago. Times do change.... 

Let's start with the news.

Foundry took a look back to uncover 2020's top VFX trends, whilst also exploring the effect of COVID-19 and what they think 2021 will hold for the industry. Topics include: Universal Scene Descriptors, remote work, real-time VFX, machine learning, and trends for 2021.

Access:VFX an industry-led non-profit coalition of leading VFX, animation and games studios, announced their e-mentoring program has connected over 1,000 mentors and mentees across the globe. This association of over 50 companies is focused on enabling artists to improve their skills and gain access to jobs.

Blackbird, the developer and seller of cloud-based video editing software, won the Emerging Tech Company of the Year award. Organized by SportsPro, the OTT Awards are one of the most coveted recognitions in the sports broadcast industry.

Simon Says launched Simon Says Assemble a significant expansion to the Simon Says platform that makes video editing as simple as copying and pasting transcript text. Users can quickly find key soundbites right from the transcript while viewing the corresponding video in parallel. Then, drag & drop text to lay out those video soundbites in the desired order, creating the spine of their story.

OWC announced OWC Copy That, an app that lets you easily copy photos and videos from your iPhone / iPad directly to external storage devices. This simplifies accessing files that originated on a mobile device, as well as freeing up the limited space of a mobile device.

I worked a special deal with Peachpit Press, the publisher of my latest book, Techniques of Visual Persuasion, to offer a 35% holiday discount! (Discount code: VISUALPERSUASION - enter the code at the bottom of the payment screen.) The reviews of my book are outstanding. Educators have told me this is also a great classroom book. (Offer expires 12/31/20. This should work world-wide, let me know if it doesn't.)

My webinar this week is: Ask Larry Anything! This is a great way to wrap up our sessions for the year. If you have a question email me - so I have time to research the answer. I already have ten interesting questions that I'm working on. As one viewer said last week: "This is my first Larry Jordan webinar - and I'm already a fan!" Registration is FREE!

I have several tutorials this week that you might find helpful. My lead story is how to Find, Create or Delete Library Backups in Final Cut Pro X. This article grew out of a reader question asking what backups were and how to find them.

Recently, Luke contributed a lengthy answer on how to fix bad Final Cut plug-ins. This became necessary after a recent upgrade. He detailed the process for three different developers, each of which requires a different procedure. 

Over the years, I've collected articles, websites and business thoughts that can help fix problems or answer common questions. These are posted to my Favorite Articles page. The trouble-shooting section alone is worth the bookmark. As well, the Articles section, below, has links to favorite websites and the business side of editing.

In this difficult season, where hope is a bit thin on the ground, I read this quote from Desmond Tutu: "Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness." I remain convinced we are uniquely able to shed light in the world.

Until next Monday, stay safe, stay healthy and stay hopeful. Edit well.
» Find, Create or Delete Final Cut Pro X Library Backups (Tutorial)
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» Let me know if I forgot one of yours.
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