Dec. 24, 2018

First and most important, a very happy Christmas Eve to you - unless you live in a part of the world where it's Christmas already. In which case, Merry Christmas!

It is a busy time, even with the holidays -- I have lots of news for you.

Last week, I shared details of Apple's plans to no longer support older, 32-bit media codecs in the next major macOS upgrade after Mojave. This lack of support means that popular older media may not play in the future. This is potentially a very big deal for all of us - but we needed to learn more.

This week, I have updates from: Apple, Adobe, Avid and Blackmagic Design. And, if you read my original article, take time to read it again. I've updated it five  times with details from key developers. For example, Apple formally confirmed that Mojave will be the last version of the macOS to play QuickTime 7 and the codecs that are built on that framework - and there are a lot of them.

Here's the key takeaway: Nothing is changing right now, but major change is coming. We have about nine months to get ready. Take time, during the holidays, to learn more and think about what you need to learn and do. Apple has given us a heads-up. Now our planning needs to start.

To help us in our planning, I have new articles on how to discover what codecs your media uses and how to disable automatic updating of the macOS so you don't get accidentally surprised. I also have detailed statements from Adobe and Avid, along with a too-brief comment from Blackmagic Design. All these links can be found below in the Articles section.

In other news, the team at has put together an excellent Workflow Guide. "100,000 words on everything you need to know, from capture to delivery, with contributions from the world's most brilliant post-production minds." The Guide is free and available here.

The folks at have created a new FCP X Extension that provides "accurate auto-transcription with a seamless integration into FCP X." It's free and available in the Mac App Store. Learn more here.

Webinars continue with our Craft of Editing series. This week, in Part 3, we look at how to edit a dramatic scene. If you haven't joined us yet, each session is self-contained, so you still benefit by signing up now. For those that missed a session, the entire series, along with practice media and a bonus session is available in our store or my Video Training Library. This Thursday's session is FREE. Sign-up here.

The Digital Production Buzz wraps its four-week look at the state of our media industry. We started three weeks ago talking with producers. Two weeks ago, we talked with post-production companies. Last week, we spoke with editors. And next week, we'll be talking with cinematographers. This has been an interesting series and I recommend all four shows to you - they provide an excellent look at the current challenges and options  in today's difficult business climate. Our guests have lots of good tips. Listen to last week's show here.

It's the holidays - give yourself time to enjoy your family, recharge your batteries and reflect on the past year. Like most, last year was filled with both good news and bad. This time of year, focus on the good. I'll chat with you next week. In the meantime, edit well . (And best wishes for a very Happy Holiday!) 

Last Week on The Buzz
We looked at the changing role of the editor: how the job is evolving in today's market, as well as the business challenges of working with clients, tighter deadlines and smaller budgets. From indie shorts to big-budget features, listen as these experts explain how to make your business stand apart from the crowd.  
* Sue Lawson, Editor
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New Features in Final Cut Pro X
Last week, we looked at the new features in the latest releases of Apple Final Cut Pro X and Motion. Including:
* Workflow Extensions
* Comparison Viewer
* Floating Timecode Window
* Batch sharing/export
* New color tools in Motion 
Download your copy here.  
Rediscover: "The Craft of Editing"
This week continues our four-part series: "The Craft of Editing."  
Targeted at new and self-taught editors, this goes beyond software into story-telling.
Part 3: Editing a dramatic scene
Part 4: Music and multicam editing
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Here's the link to the entire series in our store, including practice media.
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