Dec. 25, 2017


And a Happy Holiday to everyone.  

I've been writing newsletters since 2004, but didn't start writing weekly until 2012. This is the first day since my newsletters went weekly that an issue falls on Christmas day itself.

I'm writing this on Sunday, as I do all my newsletters, except today is Christmas eve. Carols are playing on the stereo and decorations are everywhere. The smell of great cooking fills the air. Writing doesn't feel like work today, it's more like sharing a holiday with you.

This issue has a number of presents for you - covering hardware, software, Final Cut, Premiere, as well as some interesting outliers.

My lead story is designed to answer a question I got a LOT last week: "I'm thinking of buying a new iMac Pro. What should I get?" The answer, as with much of tech, is: "It depends." But, in spite of the vagueness of that answer, there are a number of informed choices you can make. My article explains what they are and, at the end, provides specifics for two different systems that can boost your editing, without breaking the bank... much.

David and I got into a long email conversation this last week, where he kept asking what system to get, I'd make a suggestion and he'd write back saying: "Yes, but... I can always get more!"  Smile. My configuration articles aren't "take it or leave it." All my configuration articles assume you don't have unlimited money and need to make trade-offs. My goal is to help you prioritize what those trade-offs are so you can make them wisely.

You'll like this article. I learned lots of stuff researching it. Read it here.

My second article was at the invitation of Adobe to go behind-the-scenes of their new "Make It" series and learn more about it. What I learned I'm sharing with you.

Finally, my third article started out as a "How To." It ended up as a Christmas card with a present from me to you in it. Even if you don't own Motion, you'll enjoy reading it here. (Plus, I've got two articles on HEVC compression from Apple.)

Webinars are on holiday break until Jan. 3, but the Digital Production Buzz had an interesting show on lighting this last week. We talked with developers and DPs about lighting trends and technology, as well as how lighting is used in the field for both stills and video work. If you haven't started listening to The Buzz, this holiday week is a great time to start. You'll hear all kinds of interesting stuff - here.

In fact, next week on The Buzz, we invited our regulars to look back at 2017 and share their highlights. Then, the week after, the same group returns to share their thoughts on what they expect in 2018. Both shows are already on tape and both are fascinating. I hope you can join us for both shows.

The sky is getting dark, evening is quickly approaching. Christmas Day is almost here. I hope you and your family are able to share time together to celebrate the season. More importantly, give yourself time to rest and reflect. Next year will probably be as confused and challenging as this year. No sense worrying about it now - that's what January is for. Instead, enjoy the people around you and celebrate all that's good in your life.

I'll write again... next year. In the meantime, peace.  

Last Week On The Buzz!
The Buzz puts the spotlight on... lighting!  
We talk with manufacturers and cinematographers about the latest trends in lighting tech and how it's being used everyday on set. 

 * Pat Grosswendt, LitePanels
 * Bobby Finley, III
 * Tama Berkeljon
, Outsight
 * Joel Lipton
, Photographer
 * James DeRuvo, DoddleNEWS

Listen or read each full episode here.

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» Configure an iMac Pro for Video Editing ( Tutorial)
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» Behind-the-Scenes at Adobe's "Make It" webcast series ( News)
   » What it is, what it covers and an interview with direction Erik Espera. 
» Motion 5: An Animated Holiday Greeting (Tutorial)
   » How to make a star sparkle, along with sample files you can download.   
» Compressor 4.4: Encode Using HEVC ( Apple Support)
   » How to enable HEVC compression inside Apple Compressor 4.4.  
» Using HEIF or HEVC Media on Apple Devices (Apple Support)
   » How to enable and access HEIF or HEVC media. 
» EQ: Warm a Voice, Improve Clarity

» Configure a 2017 iMac for Video Editing

» First Look: Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.4

» Premiere Pro: Use Two Monitors
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» 239: Introduction to Adobe Media Encoder

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» Peter Agelasto IV: Don't Get Buried in Bytes

» Kain Tietzel: Creating Immersive Entertainment

» Pat Grosswendt: Craft & Tech of Lighting

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