Dec. 31, 2018

Happy New Year!

Normally, each week, I extol the virtue of some new technology, or warn of problems with the technology we already have. But, the changing of a year is a good chance to take a deep breath, look back at what caught our attention during 2018, then look forward to what the new year might bring. (Smile... not to worry, I'll be back with more technology articles next week.)

Since I started my company, back in 2003, I've focused on: "Enabling media professionals to find work, improve their skills and keep clients happy." In other words, while it's great to learn the latest technology, we also need to eat.

To that end, I have two articles for you this week: the first looks back at the articles and tutorials I published last year - I wrote about 400 or so - and picked the Top 20 based on total viewership. I was struck by their diversity, and the fact that some of these were written a few years ago yet still remain popular today.

My other article looks forward. As you know, our industry is under significant stress today - deadlines, budgets, competition, technology, audiences, distribution - all turned into fast-moving targets this year. It is very easy to get discouraged when all we want to do is create cool programs for audiences to enjoy. Running a business seems to get in the way of story-telling these days.

Over the last month, my podcast - the Digital Production Buzz - interviewed producers, cinematographers, editors and post-production folks about the state of our industry. One of the questions I asked each guest was: "Given all the challenges in our industry, are you still hopeful?" I was struck by their answers.

So, I collected their comments and turned them into my lead story - along with a link to each interview. These "Reasons For Hope" seem the perfect way to start a new year. If you are looking to recharge your creative batteries, read what these folks have to say. There are many reasons for each of us to be hopeful.

Our four-part webinar series - "The Craft of Editing" - wraps up this week. This week, we talk about music and multicam editing. Like all our weekly sessions, registration is free. Sign up here.

This week on the Digital Production Buzz our fearless forum of futurists boldly predicts key trends for 2019. Our guests include: Philip Hodgetts, Michael Kammes, Larry O'Connor, Maxim Jago, Emery Wells and Paul Babb; plus James DeRuvo with the weekly doddleNEWS update. Listen live here - or listen anytime here.

Before I wrap, I want to say a special Thank You! Writing the tutorials and articles for this newsletter is one of the joys I look forward to each week. A writer needs an audience and you are one of the best. Your questions and comments continue to spark ideas, stories and reviews. I'm deeply grateful for your interest and wish you, your family and your business great success in the coming year. This January marks the start of the 16th year of this newsletter - I could not do it without your help. Until next week, edit well. And have a very Happy New Year! 

Last Week on The Buzz
We concluded our four-part series looking at the state of today's media industry in these conversations with three experienced cinematographers. From new technology to new clients to new challenges, our experts provide creative ideas on coping with change, competition and technology.  
* Ned Soltz, Editor 
* Nancy Schreiber,
* Jody Eldred, Cinematographer 
* James DeRuvo, 
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New Features in Final Cut Pro X
Last week, we looked at the new features in the latest releases of Apple Final Cut Pro X and Motion. Including:
* Workflow Extensions
* Comparison Viewer
* Floating Timecode Window
* Batch sharing/export
* New color tools in Motion 
Download your copy here.  
Rediscover: "The Craft of Editing"
This week concludes our four-part series: "The Craft of Editing."  
Targeted at new and self-taught editors, this goes beyond software into story-telling.

Part 4: Music and multicam editing
Registration is free. Here's the link.
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