Dec. 4, 2017

Here's a variety of cool things for you this week: new articles, new webinars, new High Sierra concerns and new thoughts on the impact of AI on creating content.

First, though, let's talk about High Sierra. At last week's "Ask Larry Anything" webinar, there were a lot of questions about whether it is time to migrate to High Sierra. My opinion continues to be "not yet." As many of you know, Apple had a bad week in software last week. High Sierra is still continuing to evolve and it is less stable than it will be if we give Apple more time to work on it.

Keep in mind that there are NO new features in either Premiere or Final Cut that require High Sierra. The apps run the same in both Sierra and High Sierra. So, for those that haven't upgraded, rest easy. The time will come when upgrading makes a lot of sense. That time is not yet here.

As a thought, I had to repair my 2013 MacBook Pro this week, which involved replacing the motherboard and reformatting the SSD drive. When Apple asked my choice of what OS to install, I requested macOS 10.12.  Just so you know.

Thinking of High Sierra, I had an interesting conversation with Larry O'Connor, Founder of OWC, on the Buzz last week. We got to talking about the new Apple File System (APFS), and I was surprised to hear how deeply Larry was concerned about putting APFS on spinning media. Our conversation is my lead article this week. I strongly urge you to read it.

Shifting gears, Adobe Media Encoder is center stage in this week's webinar. This beginning-level session is designed to explain how the software works and show  how to create, modify, use and remove presets, along with tips on automating the whole process. If you've wondered what the heck AME does, this week will be a good time to learn. And, as always, registration to my Wednesday Webinars is free. Click here to register.

Thinking of free, the folks at Ooyala ("A leading provider of software and services that simplify the complexity of producing, streaming and monetizing video.") released a white paper titled: "Artificial intelligence is transforming media production."  The paper is free, though it requires registration.

This seven-page, illustrated write-up takes the position that AI is a good thing. As many of you know, I'm not so sure - especially when editorial jobs are in the balance. Still, you may want to read this to get a sense of where we are headed - at least for the larger media creators. I remain convinced that AI and machine learning will be more disruptive than we expect, planning for it is a good thing.

I have two other articles - both on Apple Final Cut Pro X - for you this week. Both came out of last week's "Ask Larry Anything" webinar. This was a fun session - we covered more than 18 questions on everything from technology to Final Cut to Premiere. This is available EXCLUSIVELY to members of our Video Training Library. Click here to become a member.

The seasons are rapidly rushing past. I looked out my window this morning and saw pumpkins everywhere. I looked out again this afternoon and was surprised to see Christmas trees roped to car roofs. Where is the time going?

I'm back to editing, chat with you next week. In the meantime, edit well!

Last Week On The Buzz!
Storage technology and media management are at the center of media today. File sizes are growing exponentially - driven by 4K, HDR, and VR - while collaboration demands that multiple users be able to find a specific file. This week we revisit the latest trends in storage technology to see what's coming and where it fits in our workflow. Then, we take a look at two wildly different software for media asset management.

 * Larry O'Connor, OWC
 * Gary Watson
, Nexsan
 * David Schleifer
, Primestream
 * Greg Crosby
, G-Technology
 * Peter Agelasto IV
, Digital ReLab
 * James DeRuvo, DoddleNEWS

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Ask Larry Anything
This is one of my favorite sessions, because you get to set the agenda. This free-form agenda covered anything anyone wanted to discuss.
This included:
* Technology
* Hardware
* High Sierra
* Apple Final Cut Pro X
* Motion 5
* Adobe Premiere Pro CC 
Available EXCLUSIVELY in Larry's Video Training Library. Join here
Orientation to Adobe Media Encoder
Adobe Media Encoder (AME) is at the heart of all Premiere and After Effects output. But, do you really know how it works? In this session, join host, Larry Jordan, as he walks you through the latest version of AME, including:
* Interface
* Presets
* Customization
* Automation

This beginning-level session will be fun. Join us on Wednesday!
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