NEWS - Nov. 30, 2020
Seven new tutorials this week, including a three-part series on Motion that was quite fun to write. 

There wasn't a lot of news last week. In fact, my lead story wasn't even written by me. The stability of Adobe's software has had a challenging year. New features roll out rapidly, but quality assurance... well, more time needs to be spent. 

The folks at picked up on this. In an article published last week, they wrote: Why Premiere Pro is Crashing and How to Make it Stop. Here is a list of common causes and fixes for Premiere crashes.

After reading my tutorial on LUTs - Understanding Raw, Log and LUT filesJames Mathers, founder of Bounce Color, is offering 20 free LUTs for converting Log footage to Rec.709 so they can be used with any camera. Crafted by a team of filmmakers for professional and beginner filmmakers, these are compatible with Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve and more. Thanks, James!

I updated one of my most popular articles last month on The Software I Use to Repair Image and Video Files. After using these tools for a month, I realized that my opinions had changed and, in some cases, I found better tools. I updated the article substantially.

Last week's webinar - Effects Overview for Apple Final Cut Pro X - was filled with tips and tricks. I pulled several excerpts for you this week. Probably the most interesting shows how to animate an object using keyframes in Final Cut Pro X. All of them are worth watching. You'll find links in the Articles section below.

This week's webinar presents an Overview of Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro. This covers speed and motion effects, keyframing, motion graphic templates and chroma-keying. There are two presentations: Wednesday at 9 AM and 12 PM Los Angeles time. Registration is FREE!

I like writing about Motion - it's like "Kid Pix" for adults. However, most folks don't read these tutorials. Which is a shame, because you are missing some cool stuff. This week, I have a trilogy of tutorials: covering cameras, lighting and multiple ways to view a project. You'll find all the links in the Articles section below.

This is just a quick plug for With readers in more than 50 countries, each Tip Letter is filled with ideas and techniques that are hard to find anywhere else. If you haven't signed up, now is a great time. Best of all, subscriptions are FREE!

There are still a couple of weeks before we shift into full-time holiday mode. During this time, reflect on the the power of communication. How you feel when situations in life are communicated clearly - or not communicated at all. Then, remember that, at heart, we are story-tellers and communicators. Just because skills are undervalued does not make them valueless.

Until next Monday, stay safe, stay healthy and stay hopeful. Edit well.
» How to Animate an Object Using Keyframes in FCP X (Tutorial)
» Here's how to add and modify keyframes to create animation.

» How to Create a Good-Looking Chroma-key in FCP X (Tutorial)
» Using either good or bad footage, here's how to create a key.

» Multiple Views in a Motion Project Helps You Work Faster (Tutorial)
» Here's how to see several angles at once.

» Add & Adjust Lights in a Motion Project (Tutorial)
» Better lighting enhances drama and catches the eye. Here's how.

» Animating Actors Using Multiple Cameras in Motion (Tutorial)
» Multiple camera angles improve story-telling - even for motion graphics.

» Compare Hold Frames to Freeze Frames in Final Cut Pro X (Tutorial)
» Both stop the action, but these effects are NOT the same!

» The Stacking Order of Effects in FCP X Makes a Difference (Tutorial)
» Change the order and you change the effect. Learn more here.

» The Software I Use to Repair Image & Video Files (Tutorial)
» This now includes a significant re-write for TIFF and Video images.
Effects Overview in Adobe Premiere Pro
This week, Larry Jordan explores the effects capability of Adobe Premiere Pro. This session includes:
  • Speed and retiming
  • Motion effects
  • Motion Graphics templates
  • Adjustment Layers
  • Chroma-keying
  • And more...!
Effects Overview in Apple Final Cut Pro X

Tons of Tips, Techniques and Shortcuts:
* Generators
* Speed and Retiming
* Inspector Effects
* Effects Browser
* Chroma-keying

Everything you need - all in one place!
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