Feb. 11, 2019

We have lots of stuff to talk about this week. The most exciting, at least for us, is that the 2019 NAB Show has asked to partner with the Digital Production Buzz to look at how we can find ways to decrease the current stress in our industry. It's the focus of my blog, which you can read here. (We were delighted to be asked and are looking forward to working with the NAB Show this spring.)

Last week, after I published my review of the mLogic mTape LTO-8 drive, a reader wrote in to explain why LTO-8 tapes are in such short supply.

"An important warning to folks interested in LTO-8 drive technology - the legal battle between Sony and Fujifilm over the media patents does not appear to be nearing a resolution. This means that you will only be able to purchase LTO-7 media for use with LTO-8 drives. Some vendors may tempt you with a tape type called M8 - which is an LTO-7 tape reformatted to a mid-point between the 6TB of LTO-7 and the 12TB of LTO-8. Beware: M8 media is ONLY compatible with LTO-8 drives and will neither be readable or writable on an LTO-9 drive. Also, the M8 tape cannot be unformatted back to LTO-7 format."

This is worth knowing. You can read the full review here.

For those that need a little levity to start the week, Debbie Price sent me this link to a video created by SoundSnap about the, ah, enviable world of video editing. Here's the link.

(By the way, thinking of editing aphorisms, take a look at the winning entries from our Creative Truths contest of a few years ago. They are relevant even today. Here's the link. (I still chuckle when I read Peter Weiler's comment: "Editing Video. It ain't over even when it's over.")

Dale Johnson sent me a link to a cautionary Wired story about how AI will transform editing. This article holds both good and bad news. It's a look at the future that's definitely worth reading. Here's the link.

I have three articles for you this week: my blog on " Succeeding in Perilous Times," a product review of the new Simon Says workflow extension for Final Cut Pro X, and a significantly updated primer on " RAIDs, SSDs & Storage Performance." I spent time this week bringing this last article, which I first wrote in 2012, current.  You'll find links to all of these in the Articles section below.

Webinars are not forgotten, I'm working on two: Visual Literacy and working with HDR media. Every time I think I've got one ready to go, I discover something new that I need to add. So, these are coming "real soon now..."

The Digital Production Buzz premiered our new " NAB Insight" segment last week with an outstanding interview with Chris Brown, the NAB Executive VP who manages the team that puts on all three NAB trade shows. As well, we had segments on whether to rent or buy gear and a GREAT! story about how DPA Microphones is working with NASA to put a live mic on Mars. This is such a cool story - wait till you hear it. Here's the link.

Feel free to send me news or stories you think the rest of us would like to know. That's it for this week. Chat with you next Monday. In the meantime, edit well.

Last Week on The Buzz
NAB is eight weeks away, so, to help  get ready, we kick off "NAB Insight" - a behind-the-scenes look at what's coming next at this year's show.  
Plus, we discuss new ways to buy or rent gear, and an amazing story from DPA on how they are sending a mic to Mars so we can hear actual sounds beyond earth - in real time. 
* Chris Brown, NAB
* Barbara Griffith,
   SCL Equipment Finance
* Marius Ciocirlan, ShareGrid
* René Morch, DPA Microphones 
* James DeRuvo, DoddleNEWS.com 
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Color Fundamentals in
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Adobe continues to improve their color grading controls and scopes.  
In this week's session, we explore the current state of color in Premiere Pro CC.
* Fundamentals of Color
* How to read video scopes
* New automatic color tools 
* How to make color corrections
* How to create looks

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