Feb. 12, 2018

This week, I updated an article that promises to keep on giving - long into the future. Yup, just what you woke up thinking about: "I wonder if I can download the User Manual to Final Cut Pro X?" Well, worry no longer. My lead story this week describes exactly how you can do that. FREE.

With your stress level for the week now reduced, I have three other articles you may also like: two on text formatting and one on a new feature in Final Cut Pro X 10.4.

Last week's webinar explored text and text animation in FCP X. As part of the session, I added a section on what attracts the eye of the viewer, as well as a section on the different emotions evoked by different fonts. Then, we went into an extended tutorial on how to format and animate 2D, 3D and 360° VR text. I enjoyed presenting it.

However, as we discovered during the presentation, while text formatting in FCP X is virtually unlimited, text animation is quite limited. So, this week, I decided to do a follow-on session exploring text animation in Motion. Motion provides far more ways to move just about anything - including text - and, best of all, we can save our Motion projects as templates that can be easily accessed inside Final Cut.

Even if you don't own Motion, you should watch this session - if only to see what's possible. All my live webinars are free and, this week, there are two presentations to choose from. Click here to register.

Turning from the creative to the terrifying, last week's Digital Production Buzz looked at online security. With more of us moving our files online in some fashion, we spoke with several industry experts about how to keep our media safe. This is not a simple problem and there are no simple answers. In fact, there are three fundamental places we need to keep our data secure: during editing, where performance is paramount; as our files are moving from place to place, called "files in motion;" and with our files in storage, called "files in storage."  Each of our five interviews took a different perspective on this problem and you'll find all of them enlightening.  Click here to listen to the show.

By the way, if you have ideas for tutorials that you'd like me to write, please feel free to send me an email. I'm always interested in suggestions.

If you want a FREE pass to the NAB exhibit hall, please use this code: LV5269  ( Here's the link for a FREE ticket.) The Buzz will be in the South Lower Hall, booth SL-10527.

Well, that's about it for this week. Time to brush up on Motion. Chat with you next week, In the meantime, edit well.  

Last Week On The Buzz!
As more media and services migrate to The Cloud, what do we need to know to keep our assets secure? Is security even possible? Tonight, we talk with industry experts to learn best practices and techniques to keep our media, projects and company data secure.  

 * Larry O'Connor, OWC
 * John Tkaczewski, FileCatalyst
 * Mathew Gilliat-Smith, Fortium
 * Pierson Clair, Kroll
 * Michael Kammes, KeyCode Media
 * James DeRuvo, DoddleNEWS
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Text Effects in
Apple Final Cut Pro X
We use text to explain something to an audience. However, just because it's text doesn't mean it can't look eye- catching. And creating interesting text effects is what today's webinar is all about.  
Discover how to:

* Harness the emotions in fonts
* Format 2D, 3D, and 360° fonts
* Use built-in text effects
* Use blend modes 
Available for download in our store and in Larry's Video Training Library
Animate Text
Apple Motion 5
Last week, we looked at creating text effects in Apple Final Cut Pro X and we discovered that there were big limitations on how we could move and animate text. So, this week, we look at how to use the text tools in Motion to create more extensive text animation.  

Learn how to:
* Create a Motion text project
* Create and format text
* Apply and modify text behaviors
* Apply animation keyframes
* Animate Motion parameters

Live events are FREE. Sign up here
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