Feb. 19, 2018

For those of us who live and work on the Web, there is no more important issue that the question of " net neutrality." While the final ruling is still a few weeks from becoming formal, the impact of the FCC revising the current rule is already being felt. This last week, the Digital Production Buzz devoted it's show to a discussion of what this new ruling means.

For me, the highlight was an extended interview with FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr. Formerly the chief legal counsel to the FCC, he was appointed to Commissioner by President Trump. For this show, I thought it was important to hear directly as one of the FCC Commissioners explained what they were doing. My goal for the show was not to take an editorial position, but to help all of us figure out what was going on and why.

During my conversation with Commissioner Carr, I was impressed with his willingness to answer questions, discuss the impact of prior rulings and the potential impact of this one. As I told him after the interview, "even when I disagree with you, I enjoy talking with you." I also appreciated his explanation of the policy detail that's necessary for a ruling of this type.

After Commissioner Carr's interview was complete, we turned to entertainment and labor attorney Jonathan Handel for his interpretation of what the FCC ruling means. Jonathan did a solid job of translating the legal language Commissioner Carr used into something meaningful for media professionals. Then, Philip Hodgetts shared his thoughts as a developer on the significance of what the FCC is trying to do.

I suspect we all have strong opinions about net neutrality and the potential for the new rule to disrupt the market. But, I also think it is important for us to hear from the people creating the ruling why they are doing what they are doing. For this reason, I strongly recommend you listen to this week's show. You'll find it here.

In other news, I had a delightful interview with Stephanie Ciccarelli, co-founder of Voices.com, about voice actors. It was an in-depth conversation focused on tips that producers can use in working with actors who never appear on camera.

On a more technical level, I have two articles, one on FCP X and one on Motion. Plus, two videos from our webinar last week. The one I had the most fun with - and could easily turn into an hour show - is working with lights and 3D text. You'll find all of these in the Articles section below.

I also included one of my most popular articles on "Final Cut Pro X: When to Use Optimized, Proxy, or Camera Native Media." If you are confused by these options, this article will help.

Finally, I'm doing a webinar this week that I've never done before: particles and simulators in Motion. A particle system creates a cloud of elements that float around the screen. A simulator gets them to act in unusual ways - for example, a cloud of dust being repelled by something traveling through it. This session will expand your thinking about what Motion can do, especially if you create commercials or info-graphics. Registration to our live events is always free. Sign up here.

That's it for this week. I have papers to grade and clouds of dust to wade through. It will be a fun week. Until next Monday, edit well.  

Last Week On The Buzz!
The BuZZ discusses an important and politically-charged subject: Net Neutrality. Since many of us distribute projects via the web, and all of us access the web, we need to under-stand the coming changes.

We start with FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr who presents what net neutrality is, what the new policy will be, and why they made the change. Then Jonathan and Philip look at the likely impact of the ruling.

 * Brendan Carr, FCC Commissioner
 * Jonathan Handel, Attorney
 * Philip Hodgetts, Developer
 * James DeRuvo, DoddleNEWS
Listen or read each full episode here.

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Animate Text in
Apple Motion 5.4
Last week, we looked at creating text effects in Final Cut Pro X and we discovered that there were big limitations on how we could move and animate text. This week, we look at how to use the text tools in Motion to create more exciting text animation. 
Learn how to:
* Create a Motion text project
* Create and format 2D & 3D text
* Apply and modify text behaviors
* Apply animation keyframes
* Animate text & lights in 3D space 
Available for download in our store and in Larry's Video Training Library
Make Stuff Swirl! Particles &
Simulators in Apple Motion 5
Motion has, hidden inside it, a very capable particle system which allows us to move a cloud of just about any graphic objects. In this week's session, we combine particles with Motion's simulators to direct how a particle cloud moves through space in new ways.  

Learn how to:

* Work with existing particle systems
* Create a custom particle system
* Use a Motion simulator
* Combine simulators with particles to create unusual cloud movement

Live events are FREE. Sign up here
» Stephanie Ciccarelli: Working with Voice Actors (Interview)
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» FCP X: When to Use Optimized, Proxy or Camera Native Media ( Tutorial)
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» Motion 5: Create a Curved or Dashed Line ( Tutorial)
   » An in-depth tutorial on creating straight, curved and dashed line in Motion. 
» Final Cut Pro X: Select Only the Text You Want ( Tutorial)  
   » This is a very cool tip on how to select only the text you want in the Viewer.

» Apple Motion: Animate Text with Behaviors (Video Tutorial)
   » An illustrated tutorial on how use Motion Behaviors to get text to move.

» Apple Motion: Animate 3D text using Lights and 3D Space (Video Tutorial)
   » Animating lights is one of the most powerful 3D effects in Motion. 
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   FCP X User Manual

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   Improve Clarity

   iMac to Video Edit

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   Two Monitors

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