NEWS - Feb. 22, 2021
My lead story is about a professional-grade product that should not have been released without better engineering. Often, products are labeled "professional" to boost sales. I don't know why this was released, but it needs to be re-worked.

In the news:

Sennheiser is repositioning the company to focus on its professional products, and looking for a "strong partner" for its consumer electronics group. This means Sennheiser will focus principally on pro audio, business communications and Neumann. The audio specialist plans to independently invest in its sound competence as well as in its market presence and visibility.

Press release: Sennheiser Re-focuses

According to TV Technology, the CEO of IBC has revealed the show’s organizers are looking at “fall back dates” in December if they feel the show can’t go ahead as planned in September. The back-up dates are Dec. 3-6, with the show still taking place in Amsterdam. They also announced new ideas premiering at the next show.

One of the professors I worked with at USC was Matthew Manos. Matthew's full-time gig is president of VeryNice, a design strategy practice with a strong focus on non-profit organizations. Recently, they released "The Runway," a tool designed for freelancers and small business owners to help them know exactly how well business is doing, and how financially stable the future looks. The tool is free/contribute what you can afford. See if this can help you.

NewTek released a new ebook: "How to Retain Flexibility and Produce a 'Better Than Broadcast' Livestream." Granted, this book promotes the NewTek Tricaster 2 Elite product line, but it has ideas worth considering. The report is free after registration and a PDF download version is available.

One of the challenges - especially on a PC - is finding a Thunderbolt cable that actually delivers the performance that Thunderbolt is supposed to provide. Most cables fail to deliver. (Here's an article I wrote that details this.) Last week, OWC announced full performance Thunderbolt/USB-C cables to solve this problem.

This week's webinar - Cameras, Sets & Drop Zones in Apple Motion 5.5 - wraps up my four-part series on Apple Motion 5.5. In this session, we'll look at ways to add eye-catching movement to 3D text using cameras, create 3D sets with camera moves and lighting, then create visually stunning 3D templates that we can use in Final Cut Pro. I'm looking forward to building the demos! Expand your creative options about how to use Motion! Registration is FREE.

I have two tutorials this week. For Final Cut editors, I look at how to change the colors of objects in the frame using both color masks and the Hue/Saturation Curves. Both provide lots of options, but only one provides outstanding results.

For Premiere users, I take a closer look at captions; importing, exporting and handling timecode. This grew out of an email conversation last week that got me taking a closer look at how captions REALLY work inside Premiere.

By the way, I am now covering short tips and techniques on This weekly series of newsletters - each focused on specific of software - has already published more than 1,400 tips! This is a great resource to discover faster ways to work. AND, if you scroll to the bottom of any webpage, you'll see we've categorized tips by subject. So, click one of the options to review tips by subject or date. Subscriptions are free! Newsletters are published every weekday.

Spring is less than four weeks away, but the crisis in Texas reminds us that there is a very fine line separating normal life from catastrophe. So many things we take for granted become essential when they are missing. Now, more than ever, we all depend upon each other. None of us stands alone. 

Take care, stay safe and, especially, stay healthy. Until next Monday, edit well.
» Whirlwind Micmute PMD: Right Idea, Wrong Product (Review)
» This has exactly one job to do - and fails at it.

» FCP: A Better Way to Change a Color in the Frame (Tutorial)
» A comparison between color masks and hue/saturation curves.

» Working with Captions & Timecode in Premiere (Tutorial)
» Importing and exporting captions and when timecode matters.
Cameras, Sets & Drop-Zones in Apple Motion 5.5
This week, we go deeper into 3D and add camera movement.

* Add a camera and moves to 3D text
* Build and light a simple set, then add cameras
* Use multiple cameras with multiple sets
* Create 3D templates for use in Final Cut Pro

Everything you need - all in one place!
Lighting Techniqes in Apple Motion 5.5

This week, we explore lights & lighting effects in Motion:

* Light types & capabilities
* Prebuilt lighting configurations
* Custom lighting for 2D & 3D
* Positioning & animating lights

Everything you need - all in one place!
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