Feb. 24, 2020

Four new tutorials this week! 

I finished the first draft of my upcoming book last night. Yay! I'm really looking forward to sharing it with you when it releases this summer. As I was researching the last chapter, I was looking for a table that listed file sizes for iPhone videos. I found some data, but it was either incomplete or inaccurate. So, I created my own table based upon information Apple has published. It's my lead story this week. If you're planning iPhone shoots, these numbers can help you determine how much storage you'll need. Link.

In between writing chapter for my book, I was writing tips for this week's collection of Inside Tips newsletters and rediscovered tilt-shift blur and lenses. This got me wondering, could we do the same thing in Final Cut or Premiere?

The answer led to my second article: Creating a Tilt-shift Blur in Final Cut. Premiere has something similar with compound blur, but it suffers from severe artifacts and a interface that makes it very difficult to apply. Photoshop, however, has an excellent implementation! Link.

Finally, I was going to write a tutorial for Motion on how to create cast shadows, but... I wondered if I could do the same effect in Final Cut. Not only can we create cast shadows in Final Cut, but we can also do the same thing in Premiere! So, my last two articles are how to create cast shadows - one for each application. The links are below.

The Inside Tips have a great collection of newsletters this week. If you haven't done so already, be sure to sign up. Six different newsletters, 18 new tips every week. All free. Pick your subjects and discover tricks you didn't know. Sign up here.

That's it for this week - not a lot of new news, which I hope changes this coming week. In the meantime, stay in touch and, until next week,   edit well .  

» iPhone Video File Sizes ( Tutorial)
    » An up-dated table comparing frame size, frame rate and file size.

» Create a Tilt-shift Blur in Final Cut Pro X ( Tutorial)
    » A step-by-step tutorial to create a visually arresting effect.

» Premiere Pro CC: Create a Cast Shadow ( Tutorial)
    » This isn't intuitive, but it is very, very cool!

» Final Cut Pro X: Create a Cast Shadow ( Tutorial)
    » Two little-known effects make this a very effective technique.
» EQ: Warm a Voice & Improve Clarity

»  Pick  the Right Version of ProRes

» New Font Menu in Premiere Pro CC

» Premiere Pro: Use Two Monitors

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» Apple Final Cut Pro X: Complete

» 264: FCP X Multicam Editing
» 232: FCP X Audio Fundamentals   
» 225: FCP X: Create Simple Effects
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