Feb. 4, 2019

There was a quote in the Los Angeles Times on Sunday that I thought was especially appropriate: "Uncertainty is everywhere."  The article was quoting
Delaine Easton speaking about politics, but she could just as easily have been talking about media.

So, I decided this week that rather than focus on uncertainty, I'll celebrate a milestone. This week marks posting my 1,900 tutorial!  All of which are freely available on my website! ( Here's the link to my main tutorial page.) This doesn't include videos or blogs.

I don't know about you, but 1,900 tutorial seems like a lot to me. So, YAY!

Thinking of new things, Red Giant released Universe 3. For those that don't know, Red Giant is one of the original developers of plug-ins for NLE's. Universe is video transitions and effects for non-linear editing systems. Here's the link .
As I mentioned last week, Tom Coughlin, CEO of Coughlin Associates, is conducting its 10th annual survey of digital storage requirements and practices for media and entertainment professionals, with results included in the 2019 Digital Storage for Media and Entertainment Report. Top level results will be provided to participants, if you provide your contact information. If you work in media or entertainment, please take the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9C9LHGF. (Note: If you tried to take this last week and had problems, Tom has tweaked the survey form.) I strongly
encourage you to share your opinions.

I have two new articles and another revised one for you this week. The first talks about how to pick the right typeface (font) for your next project, plus tips on the emotions of fonts and how to use them effectively.

Next is a product review of the mLogic mTape LTO-8 archiving system. There's a lot of good information here, and, even if you aren't in the market, the interview with CEO Roger Mabon is worth reading.

Finally, I updated a popular article on trouble-shooting your Final Cut Pro X
system to include new utilities shipped with the macOS that can help fix problems. All these are in the Articles section below.

Webinars are on hold for a while. I've run out of ideas and need to spend some time learning new things to share with you and that's going to take a few weeks.

In the meantime, the Digital Production Buzz had a variety show last week. We covered Cosplay, color grading using BaseLight, new gear from mLogic and on-going changes in workflow. Plus, James DeRuvo returns after a two-week absence with the latest from doddleNEWS. Here's the link to this week's show.

That's it for this week. I look forward to chatting with you next week. In the meantime, edit well.

Last Week on The Buzz
Last week, we covered a range of topics from cosplay to color grading to archiving. Plus, Michael Kammes shared his thoughts on the latest changes in workflow, codecs and technology. 
* Ted "Evil Ted" Smith, Cosplay
* Mike Nuget, Colorist
* Roger Mabon, mLogic
* Michael Kammes, Bebop Tech. 
* James DeRuvo, DoddleNEWS.com 
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to the show here.
Color Fundamentals in
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Adobe continues to improve their color grading controls and scopes.  
In this week's session, we explore the current state of color in Premiere Pro CC.
* Fundamentals of Color
* How to read video scopes
* New automatic color tools 
* How to make color corrections
* How to create looks

Download your copy here.  

Webinars Are
Taking Some Time Off
Webinars are taking some time off so Larry can learn new things to teach.
Webinars will be back soon.
In the meantime, check out our store. With almost 2,000 titles to choose from, you'll certainly find something interesting to learn.
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» Trouble-shoot Your Apple Final Cut Pro X System ( Tutorial)
   » Eight things to try BEFORE you call Apple Support! (Updated!)
» Configure a Mac mini
   for Video Editing

» EQ: Warm a Voice
   and Improve Clarity

» Premiere Pro CC:
   The New Font Menu

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   Use Two Monitors

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